Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Feeling...

"It was a chocolate mousse, with chocolate drizzle and berries and cream. I ate that too. Never in my life have I been able to understand what people mean when they say “Oh, I can only have a few bites, it’s just so rich.” Not until now. Now I understand how you can completely give yourself over to a moment of indulgence, savor it, and then leave it behind.

There is an invaluable freedom in having a few small bites of velvety chocolate, licking your lips, and then leaning back in your seat and looking down at a nearly flat stomach. So much better than blocking out the world, scarfing every last bite, and then shifting around uncomfortably and trying to hide a multitude of rolls underneath a dowdy black garment." Elle- PriorFatGirl

Seriously this is amazing to me. I feel like Elle has read my mind. Every time I read her blog I feel as if one day I will be where she is right now. If you are ever looking for some encouragement click on her blog, I am grateful to have found her after every post!

Elle puts things in words that I have been wanting to say, or needing to hear, in a way I never could express.

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rachel.muchmore said...

Thanks for sharing that, I'm following her now. She writes so well and that post in particular is pretty much what I dream of.. being comfortable in my own skin and having food/fat be a non-issue.