Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cool Title.

My brain is fried right now so I can't think of an interesting topic. Or a non-random topic! I have a bunch of little things I want to talk about. One thing that (I hope) is interesting about my blog is that it varies daily so you never know what you are going to get! A smidge of school, a touch of weight loss, a teaspoon of beauty, and a heaping tablespoon of love.

All night and day I've been thinking about my friend Caity who has been in labor for forever. I'm hoping Eva's debut will be soon because I'm sure they are both tired and stressed. In fact, my facebook is up on her page right now and I've been checking between homework questions. Go Caity, Go! Please readers send out a few positive thoughts her way!

Isn't she stunning?

Speaking of homework, it's 10pm my time and I've been doing homework for five hours. YUP. That's why my brain feels drugged.

I painted my nails today!

I think I was feeling 1960-ish, but when am I not?

School in the morning so I'm signing off to completely shut my brain off for the next ten hours or so before I have to get up. Coffee is my best friend these days, remember when I hated it? Turns out I just hate teacher breath!

Ok all, have a pleasant night! I'm off to watch mindless drivil in the form of MTV's True Life.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Painting Project

As I waited for big sexy hair I pondered what I could do to sex-ify my old as all hell basement kitchen. We live in Marc's Nana's basement as a favor to our family, and a favor to our finances, so we take what we can get!

Then I thought. Gold.

Then I thought, wow I'm smart.

Than I thought, lordy I need to clean up those nasty black lines, but look at how awesome that gold and blue looks....

Then I thought, crap I hope we don't get in trouble.

Then I thought who cares.. I like it!

I should have taken a before picture, but the door was white and had old yellow grease stains on it I couldn't get out NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRIED which was not from me, I might add. To begin with the cupboards were five different shades (aqua, white, yellow, 1970's era dark wood, and orange) the colors didn't even make sense as only a few things were colored a certain way! At first, I hated what I had done and Marc didn't particularly enjoy it, but I like it now! What do you think? Tell me the truth!

Now look at my teeth almost a year in braces, can i just say how in PAIN I was in the first picture?!



Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School!

Today was my first day back and I was nervous! So far my classes are ok though, and I only got lost once!

I finished the bag!!

When I got dropped off I thought I was at the right building and I was actually on the other side of campus...crap. So I booked it and was only a few minutes late. Some people were a lot later than I was though.

The first day was just talking about expectations, intro to class, and going through the syllabus so it was pretty low key. I did have to take a placement exam but I'm hoping he let's me stay! We'll find out Tuesday! I'm pretty sure I'm ready to take this class but a lot of the things on the test I was like uhoh. I remember seeing it before but I have no idea how to approach it. I'll beg him to let me stay!

Onto random picture time.....

Remember when I told you Marc hurt his leg?! Look at it! It's like a bruise rainbow!

All I need now is a nap! After work I'm going straight to BED!

Have you ever had a rainbow bruise? What is the worst injury you've had?
I think the worst injury I've had is Torticolles where your head and neck get misaligned and you look like this..

except in human form. And might I add, that it might look cute but HURTS! I had to go to the Chiropractor everyday for 2 weeks and once a week for a full year after that! I still have to be very careful. All that just from moving my neck in the wrong way! Not even a good story :(

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Outfit for School

I'm seriously a lazy bum.

I didn't do anything except tidy the house and watch True Life all day.

Plus I dipped my hand in the cookie jar a couple times! Man, I am freaking about school, but I'm not sure why.

Sometimes, when I am nervous our scared, looking my best helps bring out my confidence. So My outfit is going to look something like this.
With a white cami underneath, nobody needs to see my goodies like that! And some Capris

Finished with my navy blue keds (If I can clean them) and my hair and makeup like this.

With a headband.

I'm done thinking. Wish me some good thoughts. I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soup, Sewing, School, Scared, S**t.

I am so lazy lately but I know the reason why. It's because I'm going to school on Thursday and I am trying to enjoy as much laziness as possible before my life gets turned upside down again. I have four classes this semester, two on-line, and two at the downtown MATC campus. The Internet courses include a class on modern cinema,

and African American History.

I'm really hoping that I'll be able to take care of those classes easier than what everyone says on-line classes are like (harder than in person classes). My theory for these classes is that I sit at work 5 days a week on the computer for like 4-5 hours. I would be able to get a lot done here at work instead of at home.

My other classes are Sociology, and my second remedial math course before college math. Blah. I'm having some anxiety about my second math course because what if I forgot how to do any of the math I did last semester. I haven't even looked at a math problem since May. What if I get lost in the first classes or have to be sent BACK to 1st math. I can tell you right now, I am not paying to take these classes over again (about 1200.00). If I can't get it (first I'm going to try like mad, and get crazy amounts of free tutoring), but if they tell me I have to get sent back or whatever than I'll need to change my major into something that does not require college math. I don't want to do that but it is an option and it wont completely ruin my career future.

In order to try to get excited for school I've started to sew a new satchel for my school books, lunch, etc. (excuse my messy unmade bed!)

I made this out of a skirt that no matter what weight I've tried it on as, it wouldn't look right on me. I love the fabric though! I think this needs a few updates to it though, including a bottom that's square instead of straight down, and it needs to be smaller. Right now the width is way too big, I'll show you if I actually get it finished off tomorrow before the big day.

I made a SlimKatie recipe today! It's called Lasagna Soup. Very yummy and everyone loved it. I added a few green veggies in the mix and halved the amount of meat (cause we're poor ha). I thought it was perfect for today, since it was a bit cold outside.

Well, I hope you all had a great day. Glad my sister didn't get carried away by a tsunami or something due to the earthquake! Plus I'm hoping that freakin' hurricane passes without a drop of rain!

What are you hoping/wishing for. Are you nervous about something in your life?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Change of Plans

So today turned out quite a bit differently than I was expecting it to be! I was going to do the detox but we ended up having to drop Marc's car off to a salvage yard for a "new to us" transmission. This tranny has 72,000 miles on it but was 895 dollars with tax instead of 3,300 dollars for a new rebuild. I have to admit, we REALLY don't have the money for the tranny, plus my mothers plane ticket, and my books for school but we're trying to make it work. Thank God Marc has been working a couple of hours a day now which has been helping out tremendously. He hurt his leg yesterday at work though, I'm just glad he didn't break it. The sad thing is, one of the first things I thought about after he showed me his bruised up leg that at least he had his accident at work where there is workman's comp. It's really starting to bother me that we don't have health insurance but with our goals in mind the cost is astronomical and we have to wait until one of us gets a job with a health plan.

Enough with that crap talk. I wanted to write about this skirt I made into a satchel for school but I'm not quite finished with it so I'm going to leave that for tomorrow! Also, I'm trying new recipes this week from a spinoff recipe blog from SlimKatie. I recently mentioned her in a post for doing an amazing job losing over 100 pounds in 16 months. These recipes are incredibly family friendly and exactly the kind of foods that my little family loves. I'll try to make sure to keep up and post pictures and reviews of what we thought. Check out her site and be INSPIRED!

Just realized I've been all words and no pictures! Here's something to entertain your visual needs!

By the way, I think my kid is going to look like this last picture, Marc's ears resembled this poor wee ones when he was younger, I think I would get them pinned. Is that bad of me to say? Marc said he wished he would have gotten his done. Plus Marc and I both had blonde hair as tots. His was platinum!

Would you ever consider a surgery for your child that was more cosmetic than for general health purposes? E.I. Fixing a cleft lip, ears pinned, or anything to that effect?

My first day of school is THURSDAY AHHH!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Highlights

I had soo much fun this much fun that I need to detox tomorrow! I'm going to attempt a water/juice cleanse tomorrow and let you all know what I thought about it. I've already caught flack for even attempting it...but it's just 24 hours and some of that time I'll be sleeping! I'm going to try it and form my OWN opinions! Boo yah!

First things first. Friday was starting to bore me so I decided why not take this time and trim my hair! Which turned into lets watch Youtube and figure out how to cut layers! I had a fun time learning and being a bit daring! I cut my bangs and did some face framing cuts on the sides first. Then I cut two inches off the whole base and then kept making smaller and smaller pony tails up the crown and would cut two subsequent inches per pony! I ended up sporting some interesting looks during the process. I was bored. Don't judge me!

And here is the finished product. In a bar bathroom, perfect lighting lol. :)

Marc and I ate at Palomino, which just so happens to be one of my favorite places. If I were to have a restaurant/bar i'd want it to be just like this!

The haystack burger with Horseradish sauce, onion tanglers, and swiss with sweet potato tots and hushpuppies on the side. Okay, this isn't especially "diet" friendly but it was sooo good and I'm going to try very hard to stay on track. sometimes you just need to have fun and relax!
Marc's HILARIOUS face. After I got this beauty I showed Marc and we both cracked up soo hard. I seriously almost peed. It was so awesome! We ordered the same food by the way!
Oh I just love him, look at that face!
Marc tried to retaliate by catching me eating but I'm just too cute :) Plus I cut my burger into like 6 pieces so I wouldn't get too messy! Sorry about the red eye! I'm on my laptop so I can't edit!

After dinner, we met up with Marc's Cousins (and their boyfriends) at The Horny Goat (so close to my house! They make there own beer!) and had a great time talking and enjoying some time together. I really can't begin to tell you how nice it was to be around people in our AGE GROUP! OMG!

Yesterday was spent swimming with the baybays and the momma in law! Today was spent doing People Crossword puzzles and napping! Tomorrow is the detox and some serious grocery shopping. Oh yes, plus transmission work. Joy.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! What did you do this weekend? Have you ever cut your own hair before?

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I did a whole heap of nothing today. After being so busy this last week (and especially weekend) it has been so nice to just sit around and do NOTHING!

I did do some super deep cleaning of the rabbit room, and cleaned their cages. They REALLY needed it. So that was a big accomplishment, plus I let them exercise an hour each. Einstein was too scared to get out of his cage today. I need to remember to let them out a lot more than we do. It is a lot harder than it looks though, that is for sure.

I also painted my nails today! My Shellac coated nails were wonderful, I didn't have to worry about them for a month! They were starting to peel up a bit on the sides and such so I peeled them off and did my own thing.

Funky huh? You likey?

The shellac really helped grow my nails out too. I have always not had a problem with nail growth but I could see someone who has flaky nails or a problem with growing nails doing well with these!

Just to put into perspective of how LAZY my day was, Marc made all the meals (yogurt with cereal, egg sandwiches with turkey, cheddar, and spinach, and leftover black bean soup with toast)! He was on fire today! Woke up before me, ran errands, mowed and weed whacked, did the dishes, took out the trash, hung out with Nana, helped me with the rabbit room! WTF! I was like your making me look bad sit down! LOL!

He's so hot! This was from Christmas. I love those Jeans, but Marc hates them. What do you think? He calls them his Ninja boot pants. If you don't know what that is I'll give you a G-rated picture hint...then you are on your own.

The highlight of my oh so strenous day...cough cough... was watching boat loads of my favorite "trashy" tv show. Thank you lord for Netflix.

That's okay, a girl has to be treated sometimes!

I saved the best news for last...

My mom is coming next month! We are going to have LOADS of adventures! I'm excited!

What's your favorite trashy TV show? What about "tighter" pants on men, hot or ninja-tastic?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Straight and Cukes

Weird title, I suck at making them up anyway haha!

I went out to the garden and was so SURPRISED! Look what was waiting for me?!?

I was shocked, and then excited! I grew these honkin cucumbers!

I also straightened my hair today :)

I am not gonna lie, I was sitting in the hair stylist's chair this weekend and walked out! Almost with the black gown still wrapped around my neck! The stylist rubbed me the wrong way and I just had to get OUT of there! I still am thinking about cutting it, but maybe I'll like long hair during the winter? What do you guys think?!

My mom is coming to visit, which means I have to think of something FAST for the ugly ass bathroom we have AGH! It's so old and nasty. Maybe Marc will know what to do?! It's going to be really awesome, but also kinda tough because there are so many factors to play in here. Like my mom being around Nana, my mom being alone for a couple of hours at night while Marc and I are at work (we are going to teach her how to use netflix lol! I want her to have a great time! I'm sure we will!

Ok that's enough for tonight, good night!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Six Flags

We had so much fun yesterday at six flags! I went on the following coasters!
My favorite The American Eagle (I thought it would be wimpy because it's wooden...nope! It was the most breathtaking!)

The Whizzer, which is the first coaster we went on. I got to sit on Marc's lap for this one and it was a lot of fun! The kids went on this and were so scared! I felt soo bad for them! Aww! I LOVED IT!

The Demon! Muahaha!

Oh yes, and you can't forget the little dipper which I rode with my Niece Aleksa, the last ride of the day.

Today, I am exhausted and did little more than dishes and start a good book called Hope's Boy.

Now I'm going to eat some dinner and try not to slap any residents. Some of these rich jerks are riding my nerves tonight. Hard.