Sunday, August 31, 2014

Three Squares: Wonky Weekend

Weekends are sacred to me, don't you feel like you want to protect them in a way? So I've decided that the Three Squares posts will still include weekends but I'm going to combine both Saturday and Sundays.

Saturday morning was an early one. I was out getting supplies for the food demo yesterday and decided to buy some breakfast at the store. I had one of the blueberry muffins, iced coffee and a banana.

Breakfast was slim pickins! I made a kefir style yogurt with Greek yogurt and split it in two glasses for Marc and I. On top is some oats with flax, coconut, dried plum, and peanut butter. This was a killer parfait!
No, I didn't like it at all.... ha!
I had some gorgeous heirloom tomato from the market yesterday, so tomato sandwiches sounded mighty good! I loaded wheat toast with plain yogurt, tomato, parmesan and green onion. Pretzels  and the cutest little squash on the side. Doesn't this look like a smiley face?
Today I had a vegan BBQ sandwich and fries and a local IPA beer at a great place called Honey Pie. I forgot to snap a pic and gave Marc my leftovers! My lovely teacher was in town from Florida and I enjoyed spending time with her and her husband, catching up. I can't wait to go back it's such a great place!
Stuffed zucchini on Saturday night! Veggie protein crumbles, tomato, and green onion with parmesan and provolone on top. YUM! Marc and I both agreed the zucchini was so great and the yellow squash wasn't as good. Weird, right?
Breakfast for dinner tonight! I made a fruit salad for a family event tomorrow with watermelon and berries. I also had a wheat waffle with earth balance and maple syrup, and an egg.
Here's a picture of the fruit salad, aren't the stars so cute?
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Enjoy labor day with your family and friends!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Food Demo at Tosa Farmer's Market

Today marked another food demo at the Tosa farmer's market. I am so proud of Ashleigh and I! Our recipe was cucumber zucchini gazpacho, and it was a hit! We wanted to highlight nutrition facts of the soup as well as talk up our blogs, and passion for all things food. Hello new readers! Lovely to meet you all today!

Let's go through the behind the scenes of the day shall we? We arrived at the market around 7:30 in the morning. The sun was starting to blaze, but that's what we wanted! We were getting our tent set up and getting organized. Here's Ashleigh taking a picture for her blog Funky Beets. Check out her blog to get the recipe of the soup!

Loved the lanterns, nice and bright. I can't wait to get more, my whole living room will soon be covered in them ha!

Loved the sign, Ashleigh made this the first time we did a demo for radish salad and kale hummus. Still looks good 2 months later!


After getting situated at the table, we went inside and started to make the first batch of gazpacho. Look at the chef!

What a gorgeous bounty! All of our produce is donated by Kettle Rock farms. What a lovely group of people, we are proud to know them.
The produce was stunning, here I've begun chopping some yellow squash and green onion.

Isn't this purple pepper the coolest? What a rainbow!

Getting a handful o' stuff to bring back to our table. I have to say there is nothing I would really rather do then spend a Saturday morning spreading food love, cooking with my best friend and being surrounded by other food passionate people.

Getting all set up to start the demo!

 What a crowd! Later we heard that it was one of the busiest days at the market which was great for everyone. We went through 100 recipe cards, almost all ingredients, and oodles of business cards.

Thanks to photographer Ashleigh, here is the finished product awaiting to be enjoyed by market patrons. We love the farmers market!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Three Squares: Breakfast and Budgets

Hey Everyone! I hope you're enjoying your Friday. I worked today and the kids were amazing! I mean absolute angels! Did they get lobotomies this week? I'm not sure but I'll take it. Last night after uploading the blog I started on a picture for school. The alumnae asked for volunteers to do a charitable drawing with the topic "Draw your soul" I've decided that this isn''t finished, I'd like to add more weight to it. Maybe add instinctual items into it, if that makes sense...

Onto three squares, This morning I had an egg and cheddar sandwich with grapes and something called apple straws? They were interesting, and I might get them for Marc's lunches again.

I spent my morning doing homework and found this gem in my rental research book. Someone had a good time.

Lunch was a hodgepodge. Sunflower butter and jam, apple, mac and cheese with cheez its on top because that's how I roll, and sweet potato fries.

Dinner was Marc and I's first weekly breakfast and budget meeting with each other. We schedule appointment time together to eat shitty (but delicious) food together and commiserate on our hate of finances. We're doing well with starting this journey and I'm proud of us. Since I decided to eat my fast food meal this afternoon, there will be no Sunday morning DD run. That's ok because I want to stay in my PJ's most of the day.

My evening has been centered around the food demo I'm doing with Ashleigh tomorrow! I can't wait to share it with you! P.S. if you are here because of the demo, welcome! I hope to see you here again real soon. Especially for my next post which will encompass the day of planning and fun!

gotta run pick up marc from the Y, I'm late!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Squares: PIZZA

I'm feeling this Thursday, I think my whole class could feel it, especially since it was the last day of our first week. The topic today was Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, fascinating and overwhelming at the same time. I think if I do go into Palliative care as a dietitian that I'll know this "stuff" like the back of my hand. I'm going to keep envisioning myself in that role! Breakfast was more brownie baked oatmeal with peanut butter on top. This was a good recipe, I like the idea of making a big dish of it and taking some in the mornings.

Lunch was spent out in the sunshine again, which was really nice after being stuck indoors and sitting. I think the sitting around is the hard part. We all start getting squirmy. Leftover taco from dinner last night, tomato and avocado in a simple vinaigrette, pretzels and oranges.

Thursday nights are pizza night! We know it'll be a day were we are both busier so pizza it is! We bought a cheese one and I put jalapeño and green onion on top. I stuck some salad on top too since that's how I like pizza most of the time, plus the last of the tots. We really need to go grocery shopping, we're about out of everything. I'm happy we have a couple days to regroup and resupply!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Three Squares: PB&J Myth

Happy Wednesday to you! I absolutely felt today was that mid week speed bump. We had a class that I wish I was interested in, but sadly am not (6 hour research class). I'm trying my best to get to the point of satisfaction with it based on knowing I'll have to do/understand research in my career.

Breakfast is much more fun! I have been waking up extra early lately for reasons I am not sure of. So with my extra time I made brownie baked oatmeal and cheesecake filling on the side. CHEESECAKE? It's vanilla protein powder mixed with plain Greek yogurt! So good, and so filling.

I was feeling extra happy and satisfied with my life this morning.  I snapped this while stuck and traffic, it was turning out to be a gorgeous day.

It continued to stay nice so my friend and I ate outside at school. I was so into our conversation that I forgot to take a picture! So I drew one instead haha! That PB&J was really good! I ended up giving grapes and some pretzels to the bestie who was hungrypants. That's good because I wasn't feeling all that hungry this afternoon. The small jar has cucumber and tomato in it and the green baggie is celery. Black stuff is coffee.


After school, I went to a meet up for Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at a beer garden. I met some very interesting people and had some special bonding time with people that share the same passion about food and nutrition.

Ashleigh took a professional picture of me for LinkedIn. I haven't set it up yet but will soon. She should be a photographer, she told me just how to stand!

Here I am driving over the same bridge watching a gorgeous sunset over the polish moon clock. I am so exhausted by this time but also feel very fulfilled and accomplished.
It was Marc's last turn for the week to make dinner and he knocked it out of the park! He used some leftover bean burgers I had made as well as jalapeños, salsa and veggies. Stuck it in a tortilla and decorated with avocado, olé! Tots on the side.
Good night you guys, I'm beat!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Three Squares: Tomato!

I'm enjoying my transition back to school. I've missed my classmates and the challenge. I'm trying to embrace everything and keep things positive. Breakfast was frozen grapes and an egg and provolone sandwich. Marc made the sandwich for me, aww! He's been extra sweet and helpful lately.

Lunch was cut from half an hour to about ten minutes when a class project took over. So, I ate the hummus wrap and the gazpacho that my friend Ashleigh made! It was so good! Later I had the orange, and pretzels when I got home from school. The veggies made it to dinner. I'm still trying to implement three squares, it's hard at school!

Marc made dinner! We split the week up with chores during the school year. He'll make dinner Monday through Wednesday, Thursday is pizza night and I take over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He made BLT's with a soy bacon product, it was so good! Rye, Greek yogurt, the juiciest and most delicious tomato I've ever had, and romaine. Tots and veggies on the side. I want to make a better effort to get more vegetables in. It doesn't help that we're scraping the barrel as far as groceries go!

Man this sandwich! It was All about the tomato! Mmm Mmm

It's been a pretty relaxing night with my love. Hope yours is turning out the same!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Restaurant Review: Twisted Willow

Happy Monday friends!

Today was my first day back to college, I'm officially a senior! Go me!

I wanted to tell you about a restaurant I went to on Saturday while on vacation in Port Washington.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Twisted Willow

We really enjoyed everything about this place. My word of advice, get a reservation. We dressed nicely, this is the kind of place where it would be nice to wear something more fancy, but not suit and tie really. Also we're vegetarians so it's tough for us to go out and get something other than pasta. So we were disappointed with the lack of vegetarian options. Meat eaters, this restaurant will be great for you! I spotted some wild boar meatballs on the menu! Man!

We started with a beverage, a fixed gear for Marc and I got a Petite Syrah. Delicious.

With the entrées we picked, we were offered soup or salad, we both picked the salad for some greens. I loved the watermelon radish addition and caught myself eating it off my plate like a potato chip, oops! I was trying to be fancy! They also gave complementary bread which was... bread. :)
I loved the dressing, they had a long list but I picked "honey orange dill" and it was probably the best thing I had all night.
Here's my entrée, the mushroom and kale stroganoff. It was very delicious, earthy and rich. The mushrooms take center stage. I had about one fourth of this and gave the rest to Marc because he was still hungry after his meal.
Marc picked the big kid mac and cheese with kale and avocado added on. Avocado on mac and cheese? Interesting. Ne problem, the avocado wasn't ripe, aww man! I got a couple bites and thought it was good. It had a nice cheesiness that you would expect, I just wish it had something more for substance. I think it's the idea of pasta for dinner out that bothers me. This is just a personal preference and I'm not knocking the restaurant for their product at all!
We ended our meal with cherry cobbler and French pressed coffee. It was the perfect way to end the meal. I would absolutely eat here again if I was in town. Even though I thought the entrée price was exorbitant, with our drinks and desserts and salads, it was a very fair price. We had a lovely attentive waitress and wait for it.... 
Candy coated fennel seeds. My favorite!

Twisted Willow on Urbanspoon

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Port Washington Weekend Getaway

In replacement of Three Squares this weekend, I'm sharing our trip to Port Washington. Know that I didn't strictly follow three squares since we were on vacation, but I didn't do any snacking or eating between meals. The only way I didn't follow the plan was by having multiple courses. After school on Saturday we left for our adventure!

View from the hotel

Marc and Bean getting cozy. We picked a queen bed instead of king for the views and a Jacuzzi! Great choice!
Czesia inception!
We got there right when a wedding was about to begin. This is from our view out the window, they're taking pictures gahhh!

The church they were married in. I took a short video of the music you could hear outside, and uploaded it to FB, it was gorgeous!

Bean on our walking adventure

These stairs are super long and a great way to increase that heart rate!
Conquered it!

Libations! 2 Gingers whiskey and ginger ale for me, a red ale for Marc. His first beer in a long time.

I loved this sign! I wanted a pumpkin latte but they're right it was too hot!
Later, we had reservations for a swanky restaurant so we dressed up! It was fun and romantic. I'll be doing a restaurant review tomorrow afternoon.

After dinner, we went swimming and were the only ones in there! I did a few cannonballs and floated around. So relaxing.

Here's the view at night
 Breakfast in the morning! I had the fruit, two bites of egg and a pancake, marc ate the rest!

When we got home today, I made Ziti with kale, spinach, Portobello mushrooms and Gardein veggie protein. This was so delicious. A friend of Marc's gave him an heirloom tomato so I sliced it up and stuck it on top!

I'm off to get organized for school tomorrow, see you then!