Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Before and Afters!

Yesterday I went to the orthodontist for a check up and realized that I have had braces for a YEAR! Can you believe it? I really can't. It feels like I just got them on. I thought since it's my metal anniversary I'd share my teeth journey. Including my brand new tooth! I got it at my appointment yesterday. I'm so excited!

Here's my teeth after one day of braces, notice how thin the wire is... I can't tell you how much pain I was in.

About ten months of braces!

Today, with my new tooth!

The tooth is connected to the bracket and the wire so it kind of wiggles, but is not noticable to others! Doesn't it look real? I told the orthodontist that I wish I could rip out the tooth on the other side and get a fake one put in on that side to even it out. He told me that the baby tooth is supposed to stay in so that the bone will be stronger when I get the post put in in 2013. Damn it. Oh well, it's much better than this time last year!

As far as weight loss goes, I feel like I am finally looking on the outside, what I've always felt like on the INSIDE! (Thank you Amanda, for your beautiful words...I so agree). Take a look. Christmas 2008

Fall 2009

Spring 2010

Fall 2011

On a random note...here's the butter bean burger picture I took yesterday but then FORGOT my camera at home (like usual).
I'm seriously making these again this week! I'm getting a craving already! Let me know what you think after (if) you make them!!! *ahem..katie...ahem.*

A big shout out to my sister, Rayel, who helps me send pictures to the computer from my phone since I'm too cheap for a data package! Love you!


Amanda said...

You still have baby teeth in? There's got to be a story behind that... I hope all the dental work goes well for you. You've probably seen my really horrible teeth story that led to all my weight gain, so I'm always a bit paranoid about getting dental work done!

I can definitely see the progression in your face - and darling, you are ADORABLE. That's all I want to say. :D

Deanna said...

your looking great love!!! keep up the great work so glad your finally feeling the way you always have from the inside and shining on the outside!!!! You are a great woman!!!

Czesia said...

Amanda, i'm going to message you on Sparkpeople b/c im not sure if you recheck the comments...BUT... I was born without 6 adult teeth, and no wisdom teeth! I had (and still have 3) baby teeth, but once they fell out there was nothing ever there to grow in! I think it could be hereditary because my uncle is like 70 something and has a baby tooth! It's weird because my sister has too many teeth, like a shark! ha!
Deanna, thank you so much, you're the best!

Deanna said...


Czesia said...

It's actually the recipe on the blog post right before this one! One day I'm going to get his crap all fixed on my blog and be able to have categories like recipes and such!