Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beer, Failing, and Falling

I am pretty sure I just failed my African American History test. I truly hate that class, it's just EXTREMELY boring. I'll let you know what happens.

So one thing I wasn't going to admit, but I guess I will to my loyal readers since you wont laugh at me, just with me, is that I fell down a flight of stairs yesterday. Like this...

Thankfully I didn't damage myself irreparably, but I feel like I got in a car accident or something. Last night my back was hurting and today my left shoulder and middle back is extremely sore. I'm hoping it'll go away soon, and I won't be stuck with this pain or something crazy like that. I just was extremely embarrassed about it when it happened and didn't want anyone to worry, so don't worry! LAUGH...with me. ahem. I guess that'll teach me to wear my "fatter version of me" shoes and not ones that actually fit. Too bad my shoes that used to fit me are so darn cute. Marc was the only one who saw me fall so thankfully I wasn't embarrassed further....OKAY ENOUGH I'm starting to blush.

So tis the season for Pumpkin Beer! It's one of my fall favorites, and I thought I'd show you a "fancy" way to prepare it!

Take a beautiful Pumpkin beer, like this one, which just so happens to be a Milwaukee Beer! I've always wanted to go to the Lakefront Brewery, and this beer just makes me want to go even more!

then you wet the rim of a glass with some of the beer (I used a shallow dish with just a bit of the beer, and poured the excess beer back into the glass..waste not want not! Then, in another dish sprinkle equal amounts of cinnamon and sugar. Dip the wet rim into the spices, just like a margarita!


I think i'm going to need another one of these tonight as medicine to treat my aching back and my aching brain. Damn History class.

Do you like beer? Do you have a favorite? I really prefer smaller, locally brewed beer. Here are a few of my absolute favorites.

and my ultimate favorite....


Mollie said...

I do not like beer really, but it's drinkable. I'm more about everything else pumpkin though. haha. You know what, because of Harry Potter I've always wanted to try butter beer, and am pretty upset that the version universal has is flippin cream soda...quite lame.

Amanda said...

Ouch!!!! I hope you're doing okay after that!

And pumpkin beer?? Wow that sounds very odd. I'm not personally a fan of beer or most alcohols. The taste doesn't appeal to me and I'm not a fan of things that burn my throat when I drink them (the reason I've avoided soda since I was born). I can take a few sips of a good wine or have a bit of alcohol in a dessert drink, but otherwise I avoid it. People think it's a moral thing but it's not - it's just a personal taste. :D

SlimKatie said...

Oh no! At least you didn't have an audience, though. One time when I was running, I had to cut across some grass... my foot went into a shallow hole, and I went FLYING onto the sidewalk head-first. Of course there would be construction workers right there, and some girl and her boyfriend outside to witness it.