Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hydration and Eats

Blogger is being an idiot and not letting me upload my pictures, i'll have to try another time. Right now I've been trying repeatedly since 6pm (9pm now). I'm frustrated so I'm putting stock pictures up. If you want to check back with my pictures (please do) I'll remind you in tomorrow's post.

I found out (what I think was) the reason I was stalling so badly! HYDRATION! I don't think I had been drinking as much water as I needed! That was one big thing, AND I decided to restart my SparkPeople, and it's been really working. I can't give out how much I've lost, since my official weigh in isn't until Sunday!

I'm just in a good place, and taking care of myself as much as possible!

Can I just say I made a killer sandwich for lunch today? It was rockin! Sorry Mollie, I know you hate cucumbers, but that's what this Sammy was all about!


A whole wheat bagel thin,Neufchatel cheese, shaved turkey, and cucumbers!!! (Not pictures, damn it)

I made a 97% on my math test today!! Woohoo! I would have made a 100% but the very last question on the test, was not in the review. I was so mad, because he says he takes every problem from the review and that was not true. The last math question was "how much simple interest will you recieve on 3,000 dollars at 10% for 2 years?" I wrote down 300 as a guess but now I'm thinking maybe it was six hundred? Any math whizzes out there?

Since it was a test day, I got out of class half an hour early. I was so glad to have some extra time to snuggle with my pooch!

(My dog is so much cuter....well this dog is hella cute, I must admit.)

I just enjoyed half of my dinner, so now the lobby smells like roasted chicken and garlic. Kinda feel bad, but my stomach feels good!


Whole wheat pasta, chicken, brussel sprouts (oh yeah), garlic, and Parmesan. I used the leftovers from last nights dinner, and microwaved the pasta! Did you know you could microwave pasta? Just don't tell any Sicilians.

(And I thought my ideas were original. Thanks Google.)

Oh well, have a good night everybody. I'm so ready to get the heck out of here, and go home to my pumpkin beer and my blankets.


Anonymous said...

The answer is 600 :-) - your sistah

Czesia said...

Damn! I should have known that! Well at least I was smart enough to get 300, for the 10%. I didn't think that the interest was 10% yearly.

Amanda said...

Hydration is HUGE! I'm glad you figured it out and the weight is coming off again.

Mollie said...

you knew I was going to make a comment about the cucumbers! lol

Czesia said...

Amanda, Thank you! I hope to see a good number tomorrow!
Mollie, LOL!