Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cloud Atlas and Veggies!

Hi Guys!

Recently my husband and I watched a movie called Cloud Atlas.
Cloud Atlas (2012) Poster

Without giving too much away, a character is treated in the book as a humane animal is treated before it is slaughtered for the precious gift it gives us, its flesh. I am a meat eater, I have been for six years, and I think it is an amazing source on nutrition and so on..however, Marc and I have decided we could eat less meat in our daily lives for many reasons, especially after viewing the film and reading between the lines. Take that peice of info as you wish, gotta love opinions!

Anyway, so trying to create healthy vegetarian meals that will excite and fill us has been fun. Marc has really been interested in picking recipes (I almost fainted just writing that tidbit down!) and needless to say we've been having fun in the kitchen. Please be sure to click this link -->
czesiaeats to view a yummy Eggplant dish that I am so proud of!
I wish I could take credit for it, but alas Gwenyth Paltrow has done it again!

I hope you guys are enjoying the change of seasons, and I am now off to work! Have a great night!