Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Casserole, and Perfection

Today I made something Beige.

And it was so delicious! This recipe is called Aunt Jewel's Chicken Dressing Casserole, from AllRecipes. The only thing I changed was adding a can of cream of mushroom since Aldi didn't have Cream of Celery.

I wanted to point out that I think (at least with my former self) that there is a feeling that watching your figure meant you always had to eat lots of veggies and they had to be bland and boring and you could never enjoy foods that you do now. At 234 calories per serving, I thought this was an amazing dish. I was going to add salad on the side but ended up not doing it. Even so, I don't feel guilty. Losing weight isn't about a guilt trip, losing weight isn't about being Perfect.

Today I've felt extra stressed and BUSY. It's a school day for me, so I had a lot on my mind. I did end up forgoing an extra credit opportunity to workout in the gym and I think I made the right decision. I also took a math test and my brain was just wiped out after it. Math just isn't my friend.

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Amanda said...

Store bought stuffing mixes are one of those things I have to avoid because I could easily eat like three whole boxes of the stuff. I don't have a whole lot of trigger foods for binging, but there are about 5-10 that I absolutely must stay away from and this is one! Still, mmm.....

I'm totally with you on how you don't have to eat pure veggies to lose weight. I'm actually going to put up a week's worth of what i eat on intuitive eating next week on Spark sometime, just to give people an idea. Some people are so stuck on eating nothing but grilled chicken with veggies on the side, and HOW BORING IS THAT if you eat it every single day???

Czesia said...

I have so many trigger foods, but surprisingly I never liked stuffing until recently! Taste buds must have changed! My binge foods would probably be doughnuts, french fries, and POPCORN! I'll be looking forward to your intuitive eating post. I can't wait until I feel comfortable enough in myself to eat that way!

Sarah said...

I definitely agree with you about perfection. You have to give yourself some leeway or you'll go crazy.