Monday, January 21, 2013

My Emergency Appendectomy

I keep meaning to write this post (and get back into blogging for that matter) I have just been enjoying a laid back break from pretty much everything. To be honest it has been very nice to relax and not have to worry about anything. I realized that most of my readers didn't know what happened to me when I had surgery so I thought I'd let you know as much as I remember! This might get a little long, so skip it if you are pressed for time.

I had my car accident and had been on pain killers for the pain that comes with accidents of that nature which of course made me grumpy and a little out of my mind. On the Friday after the accident (happened on a Monday) Marc took me out to eat to celebrate the end of a very stressful time of my life and that I was still alive. Holy Moly how incredibly ironic that Toast was. After the meal, I thought I had food poisoning because I had this weird pain around my belly button. I started throwing up and finally admitted to myself that something was really wrong. I set an appointment to go to urgent care the next day and wait it out. The next day the pain would be off and on. During one of the "off" times I cancelled my appointment thinking I was getting better.

By Late Saturday I was in the ER with terrible lower abdominal pain. I puked in the ER and was crying alot. They made me take urine test to see if I had a bladder infection. They gave me demerol which was HEAVEN. They told me I just had a bladder infection gave me meds and sent me on my way. (later found out they misdiagnosed me and wanted me to leave because I didn't have insurance, but I can't prove that.) The next day I started convulsing uncontrollably and at one point I had a fever of 104 or 105. I don't remember a lot except I could do NOTHING by myself.

 I went to my doctor on Monday and was told to get an ultrasound. I have had this before so no biggie, except that I was really feeling badly. The ultrasound came up with no info. Back home I went and was constantly puking, not eating, etc. This lasted until Friday when I went for a follow up with my Doc. He ordered me to have an immediate CT scan to try and figure out what was up. A couple of long hours later in the hospital waiting room I got the news that I was NOT leaving the hospital, in fact, I would be having an emergency appendectomy in an hour. So they wheeled me up to the surgery area of the hospital and I was SO SCARED. I had never had surgery and I was telling marc my last wishes if I died,crying, convulsing oh it was bad. Poor Marc.

  Fast forward to the next day, here I am pumped full of meds and feeling better. The only thing was I got gas bubbles in my shoulder from the gas they put in your stomach to get the laproscopic surgery tools some room.
Now I will be in debt with the hospital until I am 83..I wish I was joking. I've tried to lower the bill and I may be able to get 5k off of it, but it'll be a very long time until I have paid this off. The crazy thing is knowing that (not to be overly dramatic) I could have died. They say it's very unusual to have your appendix not burst after 24 hours. I have mine inflamed for atleast a week.

Oh and I got 2 second opinions on if the appendicitis could have been caused or affected by the stress or physical trauma from the accident. They said it would be one in a trillion chance so that sucks... Feels good to write it down, now I can try to close this very traumatic chapter of my life!!! Thanks for listening, being here for me, and kisses kisses kisses to you!!!