Sunday, October 30, 2011

F You, Plateau!

Yes I said it. Plateau be GONE FROM HERE! I lost 3.5 pounds this week! I'm so proud of myself, and I even had a cupcake last night, and after lunch today. The difference is I counted it on my SparkPeople, and I stopped myself at just one! Perfect sweet for after a workout!

I went to the gym today, and it's not even a regularly scheduled day for it! I woke up, immediately got dressed, made breakfast for the hubs and myself, went to the gym, jumped on the spin bike, burned 325 calories in 30 minutes! I am on a roll!

Like my spooky cupcakes? I was trying to make spider webs? LOL! My white frosting wasn't runny enough, or at all, for that matter! Or well they were very tasty.

Before we had cupcakes, I made a nice meal for the fam-damily.

Pork loin, Smashed sour cream red potatoes, and Collards. Nobody likes Collards except for me, so they had spinach with ranch.

I was sad that my weekend was over, so I decided that since I can't dress up, I can at least do fun makeup! I chose a purple and black smoky look..bwahahahwhahadhasdioaf

Now I'm off to the land of African American History, and Intro to Modern Cinema. Hate homework.

Oh by the way, that book Unbroken I was talking about?!? READ IT! Seriously, one of the most incredible TRUE stories I've ever heard. chills throughout the whole thing!!! If you read it tell me what you thought about it!


rachel.muchmore said...

Hooray! Plateaus can be so discouraging but I'm glad you pushed through and busted that sucker up! Also, I could totally tell those were spiderwebs, so I'd say you did a great job ;) I love your eyeshadow. Purple eyeshadow is probably my favorite. I had one that was so magical for the longest time and I was terribley upset when it ran out.

Mollie said...

congrats on the weight loss, I know it was bringing you down! I was thinking about making cookies or something tomorrow to be festive, since this is the first year in forever that I"m not doing anything to celebrate my fav holiday...kind of depressing, but work is important I I am going against dress code and wearing dangly earings to work tomorrow. haha!! win!

Amanda said...

yeah!!!! I love that you're over that plateau!! I just started counting calories again today - trying to get ENOUGH calories - and I'm hoping that soon I'll be off my plateau as well!

Czesia said...

Rachel- Thank you, I'm glad you knew they were supposed to be spider webs LOL! I love purple too, it makes my eyes turn green!
Mollie- go ahead with your anarchist ways girlfriend! You could make spooky comments to all your customers oh, did you say you wanted your steak EXTRA BLOODY, MUHAHAHAHA! *cough* Idk if that's a great idea for tips.
Amanda- Your going to kick that plateaus ass, I'm tell you right now! It's because you have that winning attitude, no Charlie Sheen involved.

Mollie said...

not a bad idea on the steak thing...I thought it was funny. haha. too bad most people that come into cracker barrel are upety up, and prob think halloween is the devil. *sigh*