Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My Internet has been down all day at work, so I've had no time to do anything! I was stressed because I had lots of homework due, including an essay! Thankfully everything worked out and I had just enough time to finish my (half assed) essay and write down a quick post!

So how was my day, you ask? It was a day! Well meaning, it was just a day!

I watched the Biggest Loser, went to the gym, took a shower, and made this....

oh yeah. Rosemary roasted chicken with carmelized brussel sprouts. I'm pretty sure there is nothing healthy left in those green nuggest of deliciousness, but man oh man, that was good eating.

I can't believe haw many people don't like BRUSSEL SPROUTS! How can you not like brussel sprouts? Maybe you've only had them disgustingly boiled?!
What is your favorite, and least favorite vegetable? My favorite is the above mentioned brussels, and my least favorite is lettuce. EWW.

Also can I just say how much I LOVE my gym?!?!


caity said...

i loooove lettuce! i like nearly everything but beets and radishes, and i love asparagus-- broiled, baked, not boiled.

Mollie said...

that actually looks really awesome, and it might have actually been enough to make me like brussels. I'm not sure if it counts, but my favorite is celery...even though I think I'm allergic to it. haha. I also surprisingly have a newfound taste for asparagus. My least favorite by far are cukes...unless pickled, I don't want them anywhere near me! I'm not sure why, but there aren't a whole lot of veggies that I actually enjoy, as terrible as that is... =/

SlimKatie said...

Mmmm, that dinner looks fantastic! I actually LOVE brussels sprouts, but this summer, I found worms in TWO of them--and now I'm too creeped out to eat them. Stupid bugs!

rachel.muchmore said...

I don't eat onions. It's the only food I know of that I still despise cooked or uncooked. I wish I liked them because so many recipes call for them, but as soon as I taste one I gag. My favorite, oh man, I like a lot of veggies, maybe bell pepper? I eat a lot of red bell pepper. I could never pick just one vegetable though, there are so many great combinations. :)

Amanda said...

My husband and kids LOVE brussel sprouts. The first time I had them, I liked them okay, but the second time they tasted way too strong (they were probably too old). I've been scared to try them again.

I grew up, sadly, in a house with no freggies. It's been a pain to try to eat them at all. My two least favorite are lettuce (especially iceburg) and mushrooms. Favorites are probably baby spinach and asperagus.

Czesia said...

Caity, I love aspargus too, absolutely must be baked! Plus there is this polish stuff that is beets mixed with horseradish, like a condiment...SO GOOD! I actually think you would like it!
Mollie, I can't stand celery it tastes like hairspray or something chemical LOL! Katie, worms in your brussels, OMG now I must look extra hard at my veggies before eating them!!!
Rachel, I never liked onions until recently! Especially caramelized YUM! I like anything caramelized!
Amanda, baby spinach is my hubbies favorite, we stick that stuff on/in everything!