Thursday, October 20, 2011

Plans Near and Far

Learned about Roth IRA's, Mutual Funds, etc. in Math today.

I am so excited, I finally understand this. Wish we would have talked about this in Economics class in high school! Now I just need to save up and get going! Retirement, here I come!

Can I just say I want to be just like this when I'm old?

This weekend should be fun!

Tomorrow I'm going on a girlfriend date! Guys I made a friend! We are going to get our nails done, and go out for coffee. It's been way too long. Will I remember how to act? What to say?
Oh boy!

I want to get my nails done like this

Or this

What's your vote guys? I really like the dark purple, it's trendy but so pretty! Nana would hate it lol.

On Saturday Marc and I are going to Fright Fest at six flags! I'm excited, but nervous. Not about the roller coasters, but about the things that are probably going to pop out at me! I don't do well with getting spooked! How did I get talked into this? Oh yeah, Marc LIED to me and told me that they don't scare you, it's just decorated for Halloween. What a liar.

One nice thing about the park is that you can go to the parking lot and eat a packed lunch instead of paying (CRAZY) money in the park. I just haven't decided what to pack yet. I think it should be something really tasty then we wont be as tempted when we smell all the good smells at the park! Do you guys have any picnic food ideas that would fit the bill?

One thing I was thinking about doing is getting our caricatures done! I'll let you know what I get roped into buying haha!

Good night!


Amanda said...

I think the purple is gorgeous!

I always told my siblings and cousins that I was going to be one of those crazy old ladies who yells at kids to get off the grass. :D

Czesia said...

HA! that would be fun, being crotchety is a right of passage! I also want to use that like from Fried Green Tomatoes "Face it ladies, I'm older, wiser, and I have more car insurance". LOL!

Anonymous said...

Purple for sure!!! I would pee my pants at six flags...those things scary the crap (or pee in this case) out of me! <3 ya! Rayel

Anonymous said...

Scare*** lol

Czesia said...

LOL Rayel! I'm afraid I'm going to end up punching one of them like dad, when he gets spooked! Marc's favorite thing to do to me is jump me...there have been a few close calls!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha wear your HRM and track your heart hahahahaha

Mollie said...

I love the purple, but it's because that's my favvv color. haha. I wish we could have pretty nails at work, but whenever I get them done I always have to get french manicure, since nail polish is prohibited. Oh well, its still pretty I suppose. Have fun at 6 flags. We have year passes to universal, but of course I can't go to HHN because I'm pregnant and of course it'll scare the baby out of me...and I'll be in orlando, which is no

Czesia said...

Wish they would have had a similar color to that purple, oh well.