Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I can't talk to you

My brain is SERIOUSLY broken. Please forgive me. I've lost 2 pounds YAY!

Please tell me in the comments about your day so I can stop focusing on my stress for a few minutes?!?!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Just a quick hello in between research for my term paper! I didn't even start it yesterday, why do I do this to myself? The first draft is due tomorrow. Gah.

Today was a school day, so much of my time was out being EXTREMELY busy. I've got about 2 weeks left of the semester. It's crunch time ladies and Gents. Are there any Gents reading?

Anyway, I had half an hour at home today and I wanted to show/ prove to myself that I can make something moderately healthy. Granted I still needed time to get into my uniform and sit down and eat it so it had to be QUICK! I decided to make a recipe for Tuna "burgers". Y'all know I'm a BROKE college student so sometimes 'healthy' food comes in a can.

The patties were quite large, and could be split into 8, but I made 4 large patties at 436 calories a piece.

Tuna and Butter Bean Burgers

2 tbsp canola oil
12.5 ounces tuna, canned in water, drained
2 cups butter beans, drained
1 cup cornmeal, divided in half
2 ounces feta, crumbled
2 eggs
Salt, Pepper to taste

Place oil in pan, heat on high. Form four patties with all ingredients, except 1/2 cup cornmeal. Form patties and sprinkle each side with leftover cornmeal, salt and pepper. Place in heated skillet. You can tell when the oil is hot enough by putting a little bit of cornmeal in the oil. I turned my heat to medium after flipping the first side.

Enjoy! Okay enough procrastinating! Good night!

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Tummy Hurts!

Guys! I really screwed myself drinking so much. I'm still feeling like crap. I think Beanka is sympathy sick as well. She threw up this morning, all over the bed. GROSS.

Since I've been feeling so BLAH, I had a really hard time getting motivated to go to the gym. It ended up being 1:45 before we even got there!

At least I made myself go, and actually got a lot done. My legs were burning so bad today. Unfortunately, all that movement made me feel even sicker and now, 4 hours later, I'm feeling even more nauseated. Nauseas but accomplished! I ran on the treadmill for like 6 minutes! That may seem like a really short, embarrassing time, but to me that's a big deal! Even Marc was watching me, and was impressed! yay!

Eats today were pretty good! I had oatmeal with cherries and vanilla.
It might look like straight up gruel but it certainly helped my energy levels. I made a big pot of this so I can have a serving of it every morning (if I want).

Dinner was kinda on the boring side, but so easy to make!

Baked Drumsticks, with Quinoa and Broccoli. It fit the bill. I'm having another serving of this for dinner.

For snacks I had yogurt with red grapes, and I'll be having a baked apple for dessert when I get home.

I have so much homework, and all I want to do is curl up in a ball under the desk and FALL ASLEEP!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Term Papers

I really hate term papers!!! This is actually the first semester where I have had to do endless papers, and I'm tired....and hungover.

I've actually been in bed all day trying not to puke. I haven't been drunk in a really long time, and there are many reasons for that. I guess I just wasn't pacing myself and ended up in a spinning world of hurt.

I guess I can say I've learned my lesson? However, I had the best time with my super cute cousins! I'm jealous of their Italian blood!!

I'm off to go drink more water, and work on these papers. One is due Wednesday, the other next Sunday. I haven't even TOUCHED them yet! How am I going to get through this?

Also, since it is about the end of the month, I wanted to say I didn't hit my goal of getting out of the 1-somethings :( but I'm keeping my goals and I am going to knock December out of the park!

Katie got her package!!! Go check it out here!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving was AWESOME!

I sooo loved Thanksgiving this year, I mean what's not to love about FOOD?

This was the outfit I chose to wear, not the express outfit...I'm actually returning it tomorrow. I can't explain away the heafty prices. I thought this worked well together :)

This was after our meal, and dessert! I was actually just enjoying being with family, I didn't even finish my plate! I did enjoy a bottle of Asti (by myself...cough cough). OH well,'tis the season right? I was happy because I wasn't fall down silly or anything. Just enjoying the bubbles :) Oh yes, and the Rumchata Mmmm...

This is gonna be christmas card picture! I'm just going to crop it, and it'll be ready to go!

I just love my niece! I just saw her a few days ago and she's grown AGAIN! She's only 6, and already up to my SHOULDER! Crazy right?
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Now it's on to Christmas Season! One of my FAVORITES!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving EVE!

So sorry I didn't post last night1 I went to grab my laptop at work, and realized I left it at home :(

I did end up reading a book on my shift though, which I haven't done in months.

It was pretty good, I love following someone's life. I had read Jeannette's first book The Glass Castle, which was SO good. I think I liked this one a bit less because yes, there is a specific voice and tone, but it isn't as personal. I think because The Glass Castle is about Jeannette's life, there is a little something extra about that first hand account.

Anyway, if you've got a few free hours like I did, I don't think you'll regret picking up Half Broke Horses. It's like all those old stories you're grandparents would tell you about their life!

I finished all of my cooking today, and I gotta toot my own horn. It's HELLA good! The Chipotle Sweet Potato Gratin was my husbands favorite, and Nana ate a whole PLATE of food, plus dessert! So if Nana eats her vegetables, you know it's gonna be a hit.

I was in the cooking mood yesterday too, so I made mini meatloaves in a muffin tin, with Parmesan smashed potatoes, and peas. This was really good! I think next time I'd cut the hamburger with turkey, that way there is more, but not as bad for you as two pounds of beef. This is the first time we've had red meat in a while, so it was a treat!

One awesome trick I learned, (I always think you guys know all this stuff so I don't give out tricks lol) was to eat off saucer plates instead of dinner plates, and it really works out for me! This plate is about the size of my outstretched hand :)

Guess what I forgot to tell you on Monday?!?

When I went and spent a fortune at Express Marc decided to go take me to the Jeweler's! I'm getting my ring sized, and he got me a Solitaire Enhancer, like this!!!
We traded in a ring and I am so excited! I got my holiday wish! I will be getting my rings back Dec. 8th. Know the best part? My ring size went from a TIGHT 8 to a 5 1/2!!! Everyone at the store was AMAZED at how many sizes I went down. It was a proud moment :)

I sincerely hope you guys have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with your familys, and time to reflect how BLESSED we all truly are.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Muy Caliente

Just spent five and a half hours on Cinema homework. Have I told you how much I LOVE this class. Took a test and got ANOTHER B-. I could cry.

I spent WAY too much money at Express today, but I was soo happy that not only did I fit in the clothes, but I was in a size 8 jacket! It's cute, I'll put pictures up after Thanksgiving.

Marc and I also went to Noodles & Co. for lunch. I usually don't like noodles, but for some reason it was calling out to me today. We both got the Indonesian Peanut Saute with Chicken breast.

(Not my pic, looks like this person got red meat, but identical otherwise)

We both thought this was WAY TOO HOT, OMG! Like 5 alarm fire hot! I ended up eating only half, and eating the other half for dinner at work. Impressively, the whole meal was 940 calories, not terrible. (470 calorie lunch, 470 calorie dinner).

I was wicked hungry though between lunch and dinner, I think the noodles, and sauce were pretty much empty calories. No good!

I've decided to be REALLY good the next few days before Thanksgiving, that way I can fit nicely into my outfit, AND enjoy a meal without feeling like my pants button is going to fling off.

I'm off to go type up my Sociology homework. How in the world am I going to survive next semester? something's got to give, right now Marc is going to try for a job that works 6am-2pm (holy crap 1st shift!!) and I'm hoping he gets it. It offers a lot of overtime and I could use the break. I would stay home and go to school, while Marc works full time. I have no idea what's going to happen, but this would help me out SO much. Don't worry, if I do leave my job (BIG IF) I wont leave until after Christmas Bonuses!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving test runs

Thank you all for the comments on yesterday's blog post! I'm so proud of I just have to remind myself of this when I'm pigging out on Thanksgiving. You know, I probably wont gorge myself on lots of treats, but I am not going to count calories, or limit myself. I think there is a difference between eating so much your stomach hurts, and eating vivaciously for a rejoice-ful holiday. What do you think?

I get to make a few dishes this year, I'm oh so proud!

First up, Brussel sprouts with bacon and shallots. My Brussels will be ROASTED! Which I think makes a world of difference. Then they will be added to the bacon, shallot mix.

Secondly, I found a recipe for Smoky Sweet Potato Gratin. HELLO!

It has chipotle peppers in it, AND smoked gouda! YUM!

For my dessert, I've been tweaking a Paula Deen recipe for Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

This is what the taste testers look like, and then I will be making a big trifle bowl of it.

I couldn't find gingerbread, so I spiked spice cake with molasses and ginger. It tastes pretty good, but this one (which will be tested tonight) has gingersnaps with the spice cake layer. I think it will add that little extra 'thing'.

The only other meal I felt blog worthy today was lunch! Easy peasy sammie with egg, red. fat cheddar, and peppercorn turkey, with a honeycrisp on the side. I DON'T like the peppercorn turkey. I won't buy it again. Disappointing because I usually really like pepper.

Now I'm off to the wonders they call African American History. Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


You know, usually I wouldn't consider myself a worrier. I'm not all that into getting worked up and stressed. Right now though, I'm stressing a bit!

I'm pretty much ready to go into my dietetics program, but in order to get there by the fall, i'd have to take quite a few classes. Right now it's between a regular 14 credit hours, and a kill me please 17 hours.

I'd be going to school from Monday and Wednesday at 8am to 3pm, Tuesday 9am to 3pm, and Thursday 9am to 1pm. That would be just fine if I wasn't WORKING TOO. Right now I work 5pm to 11pm. I can get my work done here but at what cost? I'm scared that these classes I'll be taking are going to be EXTREMELY hard. I have to take College Algebra (finally, I've had to take two remedial classes to get here), Biology, Chemistry, and maybe retake Psych. I took Psych in Florida before quitting school the first time, so it might transfer.

I don't want to wait anylonger than I have to so I'm going balls to the wall and I'm going to finish...I'm just scared. Really just scared of failure I guess.

I have a B right now in most of my classes. It might be great for someone else, but I'm trying to get into a prestiguous program, what if B's aren't good enough? Well, I guess I just know that everything is going to work out, and I need to just let things go the way they will. It's just hard, because I LOVE to manipulate things to work for me, and to have things be semi out of my control drives me batty.

Any words of wisdom?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Late post

Sorry this post is sooo late! I've been sitting at work trying to figure out what I wanted to say!

So far I haven't come up with anything life changing, so I thought I'd just start rambling.

but what to ramble about?

Well I got on the scale today and am already (half week scale check in) down two pounds. This helps me feel much more motivated! Even though I've been gaining and losing these two pounds for what seems like forever, maybe it'll be the start of my "second wind".

Watch out world! I just have to watch out for this weekend, I might not be able to have the chance to count calories during a few of my meals so I'm going to try to do that intuitive eating thing and make sure to stay as balanced as possible.

I wanted to take pictures of my food today, but I've misplaced my sd card! It'll turn up shortly but I could really use some organizational help.
(It's not NEARLY this bad, but I feel like I can't find ANYTHING EVER just like this would be!)

Living in such a small space it's hard to keep everything together. Also, I think it would be easier to keep things up if I lived alone, sharing space is really hard! I put something away, and then it's right back to the place I don't think it should be. (Like towels, after one use need to be folded above the dresser, after being laid out byt he humidifier to dry (we have NO space in bathroom, plus it would get moldy..yeah I live in a WET basement). However, unless I don't fold the towel, it will stay by the humidfier FOREVER!

Believe me, I'm probably just as bad so it's just little things that I wish we could figure out.

So yeah, RAMBLING!

I'm going to go home in about 15 minutes (YAY) and I'm going to watch Forks Over Knives and eat POPCORN!
Have you seen this movie? Next on my list is Food Inc. I've been dreading it,, but as a soon to be Registered Dietitian I figured I should :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Which of the following did I NOT eat today?

a) Quaker Snack Mix
b) Toast with Peanut Butter
c) Honey Nut Cheerios
d) Anything remotely outside the color beige

Which of the following places did I go to today?

a) tahiti
b) a bar
c) the spa
d) school/ hell.

What exercises did I do today?

a) tabata sprints
b) stairmaster
c) jumprope
d) walking swiftly away from nasty men cat calling me.

What did I get on my white sweater?

a) coffee stain
b) blue pen marks
c) black dog hair
d) all of the freakin' above

Don't worry about the score I'm sure you aced it!

5-ish more weeks of school and I can take a breath! Sorry no pictures, but you don't want to see what I ate, you can just mentally picture my fail moments. I am having an egg and feta wrap for dinner! Thankfully I've made my grocery list and will be going first thing tomorrow!

Quiz me on something about you in the comments! (whoa dejavu writing this right now..omg pls stop..weird, ok it's over) PHEW!

Monday, November 14, 2011

One Term Paper Down...

fifty billion to go.

I'm taking a short break to talk to you guys! So, how are you? How's your day been? Anything interesting you'd like to share? Please do!

I woke up BRIGHT and early to get my braces tightened. Like 7am early, that's blasphemous in my life right now.

Teeth are good, and I'm 43% done with my braces journey. Woohoo!

Today was also my priority registration day for school! Too bad I couldn't work out my schedule better, but I'll be taking Biology, Chemistry, and College Algebra (FINALLY!). I've also put in to take a psych class online, but I might not have to take it. Well see.

I'm nervous but I have faith that everything will work out.


For breakfast, we had leftover's of the Quinoa Feta Casserole, mango, and coffee. Surprisingly, the Casserole worked really well for a breakfast dish. I'm going to be making this again with squash!

Lunch was an epic disaster. I'm not using epic in a flippant way either..this was bad. I was going to make steak fajitas and kale chips, but I didn't know that the steak smelled funny, until I had already grilled the onions and red peppers. UGG! Then, I BURNED my kale chips! Such a failure. I smelled up the house, and the smoke alarm went off. Such a touchy thing!

We ended up having turkey and mozzarella wraps with a slice of low sodium bacon, and the onion pepper mix. I liked it, but the peppers were too crunchy for my taste. It's not that pretty either.
Oh well. I ended up rounding this off with a bowl of cheerios and plain yogurt. I also had a Protein shake before lunch, with coconut milk, coffee, and vanilla cream powder.

So I ended up using pretty much all of our available food supply on my messed up lunch, and didn't have much for dinner, so I ended up with broccoli, reduced fat Italian dressing, and a honeycrisp apple (my fave!)

After work I'll be enjoying some toast and butter to round out this crazy, wacky day.

I don't understand how we have been going through groceries lately. I feel like I am picking crap up twice a week! Insane!

In other news, I finally went through my pants because I was frustrated with the selection I have.

The bigger pile is on it's way to Goodwill. Everything is too big (YAY)! The sad part is that three of the jeans in the keep pile are too big as well, but two are semi wearable, and one pair is my comparing jeans for how much I used to weigh. They were SOO tight on me before, and now they fall right off (AGAIN YAY!)

I spent the rest of my day snuggling with the furry love of my life.

Now off to hell....I mean essay time :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quinoa Feta Casserole!

I'm about to start writing a 6 page term paper, wish me luck! It's about immigration. This one is the least stressful paper I have to write, so I'm hoping it'll go quickly. Then I have to write an essay for Cinema (class SUCKS), and start rewriting a thesis for comparing Hitchcock's Psycho to Van Sant's Psycho. The problem is, I have no idea what to write about!! My first Thesis was " Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is incomparable to Van Sant's version, as Hitchcock's ideas were original, Gus's were recycled."

So she wrote back "
Hi Chetney, When starting a comparison paper, I don't think it's a great idea to say that the 2 films are not comparable. Yes, you want to say one is better than the other, but you undermine the entire purpose of writing the paper! My next concern is your focus on how Hitchcock was original and Van Sant was recycled. Well, that could be said about ALL remakes! Remakes, by their very nature, are not original. So, what more can be said about that? Nothing. You need to select 2 or 3 elements of these films and compare them. You have not presented that here in this draft of your thesis. You've basically restated the assignment."

CRAP, I can see the incomparable was probably not the best word to use. UGH I need help guys :( Just reading that above paragraph makes my blood boil. I usually don't get called out like that so it made me mad LOL!


For eats today:

I made a spinach and egg sammie for breakfast

Chased with iced coffee, with coconut milk, and almond joy creamer.

my aunt brought over chicken soup that I forgot to take a picture of, but it was really tasty. Especially after my workout.

Also unpictured was a coconut, and coffee protein shake.

Here's the best thing that I made today though! It's a Quinoa Feta Casserole! So easy, and delicious!

In the bake:
1/2 cup quinoa
1 16-oz. bag frozen chopped spinach, thawed
4 oz. feta cheese, grated or crumbled
1 cup 1% cottage cheese
1 cup nonfat egg substitute
2.5 tablespoons flour
1 tsp paprika

Boil Quinoa in 1 cup water, simmer for 15 minutes.

Mix all other ingredients, then add quinoa (I added peas with the spinach) and bake at 350 for 40 minutes or so. Make sure it's firm in the middle. Then eat it all up! :)

The rest of my eats today will be an apple with natural PB, a tortilla with cinnamon and sugar, a cup of green beans, and 1 cup of frozen peaches. I was supposed to eat the last two with dinner but I was SEVERELY late leaving the house and had to book it!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Day at a Time

Right now, I'm just trying to take it a day at a time.

One thing I think I should start doing with the blog is being more accountable for the foods I'm eating. So my goal is to take pictures of what I'm eating day to day. This way I will be able to visualize (and keep) my goals, and you will too!

I don't think I will be posting pictures of snacks, unless they are beautiful..which they usually are not!

Breakfast was Raspberry Protein Pancakes, with warm Mango topping

and Door County Highlander's Grogg coffee (notes of irish cream and dark caramel in the roast UH YUM!) with Coconut Milk, and Almond Joy Creamer.

Lunch was a turkey burger and Kale Chips, topped with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

Dinner was the same

I had a snack of Stone Ground Whole Wheat Crackers, and after work I'll have pumpkin with yogurt, cinnamon, and stevia. Plus I'm on cup 7 of 11 glasses of water for the day's hydration goal.

Total cal count- 1278. Smack dab in the middle of Sparkpeople's Goal for my nutrition. One good thing about this picture project, is that Marc and I were painting the front porch all afternoon and ended up STARVING! So, I wasn't thinking and asked Marc if he wanted McDonalds. If it weren't for accountability to the blog, I would have had something that might not have been bad calorie wise, but bad everything else wise! So this is a good idea for me!

Sadly, I'm not losing weight, I'm worried about 30 pages worth of term papers that I haven't even touched, I'm worried about my family, I'm worried about finances (read more school), ETC.

But no matter how hard it may be to keep a smile on my face, I'm going to work twice as hard on everything, and at least give out smirks.
Good things are seemingly out of reach, but every rough patch passes with time. I just am on the crest of the wave at the moment.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stress Management

A big thanks goes out to all of you, my friends, who have been sooo supportive after yesterday's post. It's very scary, but we'll work through it. We always do.

Today I wanted to talk about stress management. I feel (like most people) like my mind is going in 50 different directions most of the time. As a full time college student, full time worker, AND helping take care of Nana, my life is a wreck most of the time. I hate how stressed I let myself get so today I decided enough was enough.

I had a panic attack in Sociology,
I felt extremely claustrophobic and worried about a term paper (it was for a different class, for a devil teacher, but I do have a term paper due in Soc. as well, lucky me) that is OH SO CRAZY, so, I walked out. I just walked into the hall, walked a bit and decided IT'S NOT WORTH IT! Honestly, it's not. Who cares if I make a 'C' in a class, if it's a grade that I pass then that's all that matters. Taking one day at a time is what I need to do!

I then decided that I need a break... I REALLY DO! So I left school early. I didn't go to my Math class and let myself get some errands done at home that really needed tackling. (Groceries, meal planning, laundry, errands, and organizing). Now that they are completed, I feel quite a bit better.

Then I decided, I don't have time to make lunch and dinner today, let's just not worry about calories, or nutrients, or money....LET'S TRY TO NOT BEAT OUR HEADS INTO A WALL! We went to Qdoba and I had half a grilled veggie burrito, and will have the second half for dinner.

I only have 5 more weeks of school, maybe only 5 more weeks of MATC ever, but for now... I needed to give myself a little slack. I might not be able to take a vacation to Belize, or something like that...but I can let myself deal with my stress in (what I consider) a manageable way.

Tomorrow is my admittance counseling session at Mount Mary College (EEEKKK!) and my tour!

Marc is going with me for some moral support. I'm hoping that this can all work itself out and no matter what I'm keeping my chin up!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


There are so many times in our lives when we feel helpless, today I have felt especially so.

I woke up this morning with such an eerie feeling, I had been tossing and turning in bed, and finally I felt this force DRIVING me out of sleep. I went, groggily, to the kitchen and noticed that my cell phone's light was on (the ringer was turned off). I thought, wow that's weird, looking closer to see a 207 number pop up on the screen. 207 is Maine's area code, my mother's area code.

After a few seconds, that felt like minutes, I picked up the phone to hear my mother's voice. I knew something was wrong. She told me, in her frankly abrupt way...

"Chetney know, don't be scared, but I had a TIA and now I have to get an MRI".


"I had a mini stroke, but I'M OKAY!"

She knew what I needed to hear, I was SCARED for her, but she wasn't scared it seemed at all. She just told me "You know, whatever is meant to happen, will happen."
At least I know that she is going to try to take care of herself, and has been scheduled to see a neurologist, and hopefully figure out what the next move is.

She has high blood pressure, and recently found out she has high cholesterol as well, so I'm worried for her. I know I have to just believe that the warning signs have been caught, and that everything will be okay.

She told me she woke up in the middle of the night with no feeling in the right side of her body, it only lasted for 5 minutes but maybe I can look at those 5 minutes as her saving grace.

If you knew my mom you would know how much of a struggle it must have been for her to see the DR, but I'm so glad she did.

Give your family an extra hug tonight.

I've had a pretty rough day, internalizing everything. I'm just so glad that I woke up, and I'm so glad for the power that made me wake up.

I worked out for an hour trying to sweat out my feelings. I still have a knot in my stomach but worry will bring nothing but stress and sadness.

I love you all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Full Day in the Life of Chetney!

9:10 Woke up, cuddled Beanka for an extra 20 minutes.

9:30 Got out of bed and got ready for the day

9:40 Called Mount Mary College after realizing they left me a message, made an appointment for a college tour and counseling session for Friday!

9:55 Ate Cheerios, almond milk, frozen berries, and coffee for breakfast.

10:10 Get in the car to go to school

10:20 Arrive at school

10:30 Introduction to Sociology

11:55 End of Class, head to Financial Aid department

12:50 finally finished figuring out MAJOR $ mess up at school. Realize I haven't eaten lunch, nor have I studied for my math test.

1:05 Elementary Algebra

2:20 Finished test, get out of class early (usually there until 3pm) Made a 96 on test!!

2:25 go to cafeteria and realize I have no money, but if I don't eat in the next five seconds I'm going to die and take the nasty douche-head hitting on me, with me. So I hit the vending machine for pretzels. Now I have a .79 cent balance on my student ID...I'M RICH!

2:30 Marc gets me from school and we decide to go out for lunch. I'm straving and he's cranky, which means he's starving too.

2:35 Arrive at Harley Davidson Museum on the way home (weird right lol?!) Eat at the cafe, had smoked chicken and bacon Sammie with avocado. Decided to only eat half of the sandwich, and a pickle spear.

3:10 Arrive Home! It was so nice and WARM!

3:15 under the covers, listening to an Itunes Podcast, snuggling with Beanka.

4:30 re-flat iron hair, completely 'fro headed' from the rainy day. Change into uniform.

4:45 Leave for work, almost get attacked by raging driver. He put his high beams on me, AND rode my tail down the length of the intersection. I ended up deciding to get off the freeway, and get back on after he passed. I didn't do anything to him!! Crazy.

4:58 Arrive at work, get the low down.

5:15 Try to fax in transcripts for Mount Mary, doesn't work, so email them.

6:00 look at grades and notes on homework and just want this semester to be OVER! (don't worry should be a's and b's)

7:00 Start writing blog, and have no idea what to write since my day was so boring, and now that I did the play by play it wasn't so bad!

(future) 7:45 eat Dinner (chicken, bok choy, sweet potatos)

11:00 Go home

11:30 Make a microwave brownie, light my gingerbread candle, sit down and CUDDLE BEANKA AGAIN!

How was your day?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Registered Dietitian

So my title explains it all right?!?


Let me elaborate.

I am in college at the moment, actually in my third semester. I've just been taking general education courses until I could make up my mind on what I've wanted to base my degree on. I've thought teaching, then maybe counseling/ therapist, and both I thought I could do well.

I've changed my mind (who doesn't) a million times, but this is the first time I have EVER felt a calling for my degree.

Y'all I am going to become a Registered Dietitian.
I'm NOT going to be going to the ugly University, but to a lovely little college that isn't coed...YES!

I had an appointment with the head of the department and she was so nice, I have another appointment on Wednesday, to talk to an advisor and make sure all of my paperwork is in order.

I'm so excited, and I finally feel as if I have a calling. If there is one thing I can do, it's help others with nutrition. I've been there, I'm passionate about it, it's awesome!

I was worried about job outlook, but of the students that graduated with the degree last semester, only one has yet to find a job.

I can do this.

I can follow my dream, help others, be passionate, and enjoy knowing that my goal is attainable. I might have about 3 (hopefully no more than) years left of schooling but I'm confident and thought I would share.

Look out world, sooner than later...I'M GOING TO BE THIS GIRL!