Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cloud Atlas and Veggies!

Hi Guys!

Recently my husband and I watched a movie called Cloud Atlas.
Cloud Atlas (2012) Poster

Without giving too much away, a character is treated in the book as a humane animal is treated before it is slaughtered for the precious gift it gives us, its flesh. I am a meat eater, I have been for six years, and I think it is an amazing source on nutrition and so on..however, Marc and I have decided we could eat less meat in our daily lives for many reasons, especially after viewing the film and reading between the lines. Take that peice of info as you wish, gotta love opinions!

Anyway, so trying to create healthy vegetarian meals that will excite and fill us has been fun. Marc has really been interested in picking recipes (I almost fainted just writing that tidbit down!) and needless to say we've been having fun in the kitchen. Please be sure to click this link -->
czesiaeats to view a yummy Eggplant dish that I am so proud of!
I wish I could take credit for it, but alas Gwenyth Paltrow has done it again!

I hope you guys are enjoying the change of seasons, and I am now off to work! Have a great night!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Camping Edition II

Welcome to the second edition of camping posts! This post is about a photography scavenger hunt on some of the trails by our campsite.  
1) Something man-made in the middle of nature

2) Something wet (the trail was muddy)
3) two types of seeds

4) A leaf/plant
5) Something fuzzy (moss)
6) something you think is a treasure
7) Something you think is beautiful

8) Something that makes noise (the trees were so creaky!)
9) Something round
10) Something UGLY! 

11) Something alive!
That was such a fun game! We played couples style and showed each other our pictures on the beach while soaking up some sun!
For some sad news, unrelated to camping, I fell running yesterday and it hurts. Everything is starting to change colors and my knee is swollen. Kinda sucks because Sunday is the color run, I hope I feel more in running condition by then. I didn't even go to spin class tonight because it was hurting and swollen. :(

Hope that I feel better by Sunday guys!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Oh The Places You'll Go: Camping Edition I

Our Camping trip was so beautiful. A perfect moment shared with great friends, good food, gorgeous views, and grand tunes.
We had our own private beach just steps from our tents. We swam both days even though it was a bit chilly in the water, it wasn't cold enough to stop our fun!

This is my happy place. I have decided that this is where I am going in my head if I feel stressed at school, or depressed about anything. This place is gorgeous and I have found my paradise in my own state!
I even braved wearing a bikini! It wasn't so much about vanity as it was about feeling liberated, and confident enough to love myself. I've always worn skirted suits, or ruffles, or one know what? I'M 24! I'm wearing a bikini, I'm going to rock it, and I'm going to focus on the freedom of camping and enjoy the swim instead of focusing on my body! It was so empowering.

                    Goodnight sun! We loved your presence all weekend!
I can't wait for next year!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Facebook post

Facebook post:

This pair of pants used to leave red marks on my skin. They were the only pair of jeans that "fit" 50 pounds ago. Even so, before these jeans I mainly wore scrubs, wish I still had a pair of those! This is for every bead of sweat, every second of pain, every minute of self doubt. I'm proud and humble at the same time. Let's see this to the "finish" . #100poundslost? #motivation #hashtagshahaha!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth Of July

I hope you guys had a great Fourth! We absolutely did!

Filled with fireworks, parades, gorgeous weather, and happiness. <3

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Time

So I've been fighting the time to update you guys on this blog. Don't you all just want to see what I eat everyday, instead of life updates?! That would make things easier LOL!

I guess I'll break things down into sections and go from there. We'll do a school section, job section, relationship section, and weight loss section.

School: I think I severly underestimated how much time school would be taking out of my life. I have never attempted something as difficult as this Dietetic degree. I'm proud of myself, but in the same light it scares me to have to be so dedicated that stress becomes almost unmanageable. I know I'll get through though. At the beginning of June I learned that I was admitted into the Coordinated Program of Dietetics. This means that I will have my internship included at my college, so I won't have to scramble and be admitted somewhere else after I get my bachelors. Two more years left!
Job- I have a job now, I work at this tiny grocery store that is five minutes from my house. Totally not using any brain power, just robot-ing through to get a paycheck.  It seems to be sucking up my summer. I'm nervous about the fall since I will have to scale back my hours and we're barely making it as is. Here I am getting ready to go to work, my hair has faded out!
Relationships: Marc and I of course are doing great. We just celebrated our third wedding anniversary and are training for a color run in August. We could take the cake in biggest bickering couple. I love him more than anything. Here's a picture of us after a "abdominal snow run".
My biggest relationship fiasco happens to be my biggest stress these mother. I love her so much but needless to say living with her isn't easy. Oh, you didn't know she was living with us? Yes she is. She came for vacation and never left. We have tried to make it work but I'm not sure it's going to last. She has decided to go on a six month vacation to Vermont in September. I'm pretty sure she's not going to come back. The issue is that she has had mini strokes and currently can barely walk because of a bum knee. I made her give up her license after a few scary stories she told me about driving and being forgetful (which I think she's resentful about). I couldn't seem to get close to her this time around because I figured she'd just want to leave again. The grass is always greener on the other side. I'm just trying not to be too upset with her decisions and understand she doesnt want someone to breath down her neck and tell her she has to go to the doctor... What can you do you know? I give up trying to help someone who wishes to forgo medication and 21st century medicine. I'm not the one who will end up in a geriatric ward nursing center before age 60 due to 90% treatable causes. I'm sorry that's topic.

Weight loss! I haven't lost weight since last summer. School took over and I was lucky to maintain. I gained 9 pounds during the winter but took it off a month later. Now I'm at 6 pounds lost in the past two weeks. I also can't wear my "fat jeans" anymore as my bum keeps trying to make an appearance. I also bought a bikini yesterday! Maybe I'll be brave enough to post a beach picture one day. I go to a spin class every week, running every other day, and trying to bike as much as I can wrap my head around.  Picture for this topic.... let's see..How about an Easter pic?
I feel healthy! Compared to even 3 years ago...
not to mention 5 years ago...

I recently just told someone I had been on a weight loss journey for the past 4 years only to realize it's now turned to five years.
Happy five year anniversary to me.
Last piece of news, I really hope you guys all subscribe to my new food blog Czesia Eats <-- Click there!! Just like all baby blogs, it's quite unknown and I'd love to get more subbies on there to interact with me!
Love you guys!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Order in the Blogging Court!!

Hi Guys! Guess who?

It's me!

Check out my new sister blog Czesia Eats!

But please don't un-bookmark this site, I'll be trying to use it much more often!


Monday, January 21, 2013

My Emergency Appendectomy

I keep meaning to write this post (and get back into blogging for that matter) I have just been enjoying a laid back break from pretty much everything. To be honest it has been very nice to relax and not have to worry about anything. I realized that most of my readers didn't know what happened to me when I had surgery so I thought I'd let you know as much as I remember! This might get a little long, so skip it if you are pressed for time.

I had my car accident and had been on pain killers for the pain that comes with accidents of that nature which of course made me grumpy and a little out of my mind. On the Friday after the accident (happened on a Monday) Marc took me out to eat to celebrate the end of a very stressful time of my life and that I was still alive. Holy Moly how incredibly ironic that Toast was. After the meal, I thought I had food poisoning because I had this weird pain around my belly button. I started throwing up and finally admitted to myself that something was really wrong. I set an appointment to go to urgent care the next day and wait it out. The next day the pain would be off and on. During one of the "off" times I cancelled my appointment thinking I was getting better.

By Late Saturday I was in the ER with terrible lower abdominal pain. I puked in the ER and was crying alot. They made me take urine test to see if I had a bladder infection. They gave me demerol which was HEAVEN. They told me I just had a bladder infection gave me meds and sent me on my way. (later found out they misdiagnosed me and wanted me to leave because I didn't have insurance, but I can't prove that.) The next day I started convulsing uncontrollably and at one point I had a fever of 104 or 105. I don't remember a lot except I could do NOTHING by myself.

 I went to my doctor on Monday and was told to get an ultrasound. I have had this before so no biggie, except that I was really feeling badly. The ultrasound came up with no info. Back home I went and was constantly puking, not eating, etc. This lasted until Friday when I went for a follow up with my Doc. He ordered me to have an immediate CT scan to try and figure out what was up. A couple of long hours later in the hospital waiting room I got the news that I was NOT leaving the hospital, in fact, I would be having an emergency appendectomy in an hour. So they wheeled me up to the surgery area of the hospital and I was SO SCARED. I had never had surgery and I was telling marc my last wishes if I died,crying, convulsing oh it was bad. Poor Marc.

  Fast forward to the next day, here I am pumped full of meds and feeling better. The only thing was I got gas bubbles in my shoulder from the gas they put in your stomach to get the laproscopic surgery tools some room.
Now I will be in debt with the hospital until I am 83..I wish I was joking. I've tried to lower the bill and I may be able to get 5k off of it, but it'll be a very long time until I have paid this off. The crazy thing is knowing that (not to be overly dramatic) I could have died. They say it's very unusual to have your appendix not burst after 24 hours. I have mine inflamed for atleast a week.

Oh and I got 2 second opinions on if the appendicitis could have been caused or affected by the stress or physical trauma from the accident. They said it would be one in a trillion chance so that sucks... Feels good to write it down, now I can try to close this very traumatic chapter of my life!!! Thanks for listening, being here for me, and kisses kisses kisses to you!!!