Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I had lots of fun this weekend! We all dressed up on Saturday and went to a birthday party!

Lots o' drinkin and lots o' fun :)

Today was more of a recovery kind of day. No pictures sadly but I got a electric blanket (thanks to my awesome Ciocia Linda!) and a we have semi-officially adopted Frank the Cat. He was a stray who used to have a collar and now he begs for food and is always hungry. He invites himself into the house and we all thought it would be really good for nana to have Frank in the house. He ate lots of food and is in the house now. He wouldn't stop crying to get out of the basement, but he doesn't really know what is good for him. He just needs to get adjusted, plus he thought Nana would give him more food so he wanted to whine about it. Throughout all of his whining though, he was purring and knitting! Pictures tomorrow, he's really cute :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

woohoo it's Friday!

I LOVE FRIDAYS! It's my day off and I just love being able to sit back and say..YES I DON'T HAVE TO DO WORK!

This morning I started the day with some yummy pumpkin pancakes, which were absolutely delicious. Here are some pictures of the mix and of my new counter! It may not look like much but this counter has seriously saved me time and energy just by being there!

Nana loved them, and I made her a heart shaped pancake to boot!

I straightened my hair and put on some makeup and felt quite a bit better about myself today. After these pictures I took off some of the black eyeshadow. I went a little bit overboard.

I also hemmed up a nightgown for Nana today, it made me feel good that I could do something for her :)

The weather was beautiful! A little nippy but the sun was out!

Later we went to the In-laws house and hung out with the niece and nephew. Poor little Marcus was feeling a little under the weather

Aleksa painted her face for Halloween she was a "Rainbow Princess". I love them!

Now we are home, after some yummy pizza and a really nice day! Tomorrow is the costume party, can't wait to have lots of fun!

Good night!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Counter :)

My father in law Andy set me up with a new counter top next to the stove which makes me SOOOOO HAPPY! I forgot to take a picture before heading to work but I'll add it on later!

Today was pretty simple, I finished up our Halloween costumes. Marc is going as the Jolly Green Giant and I will be Little sprout :) I added leaves to our costumes which took quite a bit of time, and we already have long johns that were dyed green, green body paint and green hairspray!

We hope to look like them but it's homemade so we will see! I know they probably wont be that green.

I went to both classes today, got pretty upset at the first one but trying not to dwell on it. I have to read a few chapters in History (so snooze worthy)

Needless to say I got in a few pages and had to quickly put it away before I fell asleep at work. How can I make that reading interesting? My mind always falls away from the page and I start thinking about other things! I have a test not next Tuesday but the Tuesday after that.

I need to start getting better at taking pictures of my meals! I love reading blogs where they take pictures of that so I'll try to remember! Since I am still on soft food, I had as follows:
Sandwich Thin, Smart Balance Peanut Butter, 1/2 Banana, Activia Yogurt
Whole Wheat Quesadilla w/ Black Beans, cheese, and hot sauce plus half a bag of brussel sprouts
And for dinner I just had some cinnamon oatmeal not much to look at but here is a picture anyway. I made it with milk which really helped the taste.

Since I have gotten my braces I feel SOOO ugly. I really don't know if anything has shifted but I feel so puffy in the face and under my eyes looks baggy and weird. I'm not sure what's going on but tomorrow I am going to straighten my hair and see if it makes me feel better. Sometimes a hair change can help. I've been wearing my hair curly lately just for times sake.

Can't wait to get off work in an hour! Today is my Friday! I'm celebrating with Asti and Get Him To The Greek!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's be productive!

Last night Marc and I carved our Jack O Lanterns!!

Cute huh? Mine is the one on the right, Marc's was from a Buddhist book cover that was pretty cool :). I sprinkled the insides with cinnamon so they would smell yummy!

I didn't really do much productive things today. I did all the dishes up and tried to straighten the house but man that is SUCH A CHORE, we have so much stuff I just don't know what to do with it all! One of these days I've just got to buck up and take care of it. Easier said than done. These days I'm lucky to get an hour of free time per day (at home) so I don't want to start that kind of project only to be interrupted almost right when I start! I got a bit done and let Violet out to play some. She chewed up my hair dryer cord, thankfully not enough to make it stop working. I think all of our electrical cords are taped up due to her haha! Stinker.

Today we went to the bank, library, and then grocery shopping. I'm still stuck on soft foods so we had to be creative and think of some yummy soft foods for the next couple days. We picked up slim fasts, bananas, fixings for burritos, spicy mac and cheese, instant potatoes, and this yummy yogurt.

It's nice to get a break from the really healthy eating but I do feel pretty guilty, hopefully soon i can get to eating better! I'm usually having oatmeal with banana for breakfast, or eggs like this morning, and then today I had a whole wheat bean burrito and yogurt for lunch and a Slimfast for dinner. When I get home I'll probably eat something light before bed because I'm still pretty hungry.

The weather is still incredibly windy, cold, and gloomy! Winter is on it's way! Here are some pictures I snapped on my way to work.

Well now I'm off to finish some homework for English Class! Have a good night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chinese and Hookey

I woke up this morning trying to think of the many excuses I could give for not going to school. So I said forget it I don't need an excuse I'm sleeping in! And I did, until ELEVEN! Way too much sleep and I woke up feeling really bad for not going to school, but whats done is done and it really isn't that big of a deal. I know what is due on Thursday and I can get it done tomorrow no sweat!

I did end up going to my second class at 12:30 and it was a walk in the park. His class is very easy and laid back. After class I walked to the public library and I fell in love with it!! What a beautiful library wish I would have taken pictures. This is the biggest library in Milwaukee county and I could tell that they had put a lot of time and effort into it. I can't wait to go back again soon! The only problem was I got cat called 8 times!! I can't believe it! It really made me feel uncomfortable, come to find out the neighborhood really isn't that great. I just hope none of them try to bother me past the usual pick up lines and such.

At the library I picked up three stories that are based on Cinderella for class on Thursday and I also picked up a book that was recommended by library staff called Winter's Bone. So far it's pretty good. The Ozarks sound really scary though, very backwoods.

I finally found the time to paint my nails today. I love this color from OPI it's called little red wagon. I did this while watching Dr. Phil's housewives, my absolute favorite show on TV right now.

At work the wind was WHIPPING! They were calling for 50-60 mph winds and I don't think they were far off! Here are a few pictures from my car of Lake Michigan and some bush next to me :)

One thing really sucked though, I was making my oatmeal for dinner (which I was already very unhappy about having to eat) and it EXPLODED in the microwave! I ended up calling out for chinese and suffered my way through some pork fried rice and Hot and Sour soup. The soup was perfect for my braces but the damn rice got everywhere and I couldn't eat the pork. So frustrating but I did get full!

Now on to the rest of my evening, I'll be here at work until 11 and then home for a rest and a cuddle from Marc...awww!