Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Hope you are celebrating in style!


I'm celebrating by doing homework, housework, and eating (ate lol) a big ass cupcake.

By the way, have you heard of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products? I love the smell of this lavender, and it's so concentrated that I think this whole bottle will last me a year! I bought this at Walmart, at work they use this but will a different floral smell that's equally the bomb.

Yesterday was so busy and so much fun! Marc and I went to the gym where I burn 555 calories, and then I went to my mother in laws house for dinner and ended up burning 429 more calories in her pool! YESSSS! I burned lots and lots, and am feeling great!

Weigh in is TOMORROW!

Check the last post for pictures that should have been up yesterday teehee!


Amanda said...

You guys look awesome. :D And wow for the calorie burn! I hope your weigh-in is good. I burned about 900 calories during my 5K yesterday, but I'm all swollen today (seems to be par for the course after running that long for me) so I won't weigh in until tomorrow!

Mollie said...

i'm not sure I could've forced myself into a pool. it's getting a little bit chilly for that. But congrats!!