Thursday, October 6, 2011


You guys would be so proud of me!

I worked out in the gym at school during my hour lunch break, and I killed it! I was so energized by everyone workin' on their fit-nasssss so I gave the old college try...bahaha..get it?

I was so schweaty by the end of my workout, but now I know what I am going to do at noon to 12:45 every Tuesday and Thursday! I even took a quick shower in the womens locker room after the workout...WHO AM I?

I ended up burning 351 calories in 30 minutes between the ellipitical, treadmill, chest press, back fly thingy, press thingy, and twisty ab thing. Yes all technical terms!

Plus I did my good deed of the day and gave a lady my People Magazine, she looked kind of scared to be there so I wanted to help her out. She looked so thankful! :)

Anyway enough of me saying how awesome I am..really don't you guys get annoyed LOL!

And I leave you with some hilarious-ness

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Amanda said...

Woo-hoo for the gym!!! I have to tell you - I'm so jealous of your gym. Really. I haven't been in a gym since the hotel one on my trip to Baltimore last May and I LOVE ST machines!! I want some! :D