Monday, October 24, 2011

Happiness is a Choice

I worked myself up so bad yesterday that I got sick to my stomach. It's the worst feeling sometimes. I just wanted to say thank you all for the words of encouragement I feel better today. It took me a while to get the day started but with a coaxing husband we finally made it to the gym, which I LOVE!

(My sister told me I need to smile more so I'm trying, this was after burning 500 calories, hence no makeup and crazy flyaways lol)

I had so much fun trying out all of the equipment and the gym is BEAUTIFUL! Filled with natural light and lots of equipment, Marc and I were so happy! I'm glad we found a good place so nearby that we can chase away our winter blues in.


So did you remember that the last day for entering my contest is tomorrow? Please click on the link below my picture (right hand side of screen) to enter!

I have decided to group the gifts into 4 different "goody bags", the winner can choose which bag they'd like! I chose the following based on all things that It think encompass my blog's viewpoint, and things I touch on!

#1) The Girlie Bag

#2) The Workout Bag

#3) The Foodie Bag

#4) The Intellectual Bag

Make sure you tune in for the winner will be announced tomorrow!!! GOOD LUCK! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

100% of the giveaway's cost comes from my pocket, yo!


Amanda said...

Yay for a good gym!!

Mollie said...

smiling releases endorphins which improve your mood, so it helps =)