Monday, October 17, 2011


I wanted to take this moment to bring you a family that seriously makes me smile everyday. I'm a serious ShayTard fan and have shamelessly been watching them since 2009! They make a video everyday on Youtube about there daily life of raising 4 kids (when I started it was 3 lol) and creating a beautiful life! I seriously look up to them as positive role models and I really want to be just like Katilette when I have kids. She is so gentle and caring, and extremely true to herself. So here's to role models and creating your life as how YOU want it to be! Marc actually just got a bumper sticker in the mail today that says "What you think, you become" -Buddha. I love it!

Here's todays vlog:

and here is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE vlog of all time!:

Have you ever heard about the Shaytards? Do you watch Youtube? If so, what is your favorite channel?

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