Thursday, October 13, 2011

Logistical Problems

I need help guys, I'm not losing weight. What am I doing wrong?

Here's the math.

1 pound = 3500 calories

Based on my Basal Metabolic Rate I can consume 1,595 calories without gaining, or losing weight.

I eat on average 1345 calories daily

I'm on track to burn 1750 calories per week at least

This gives a caloric deficit of 3500 calories.

For workouts I'm doing cardio (treadmill, walks, jogs, spinning, elliptical)

I did not lose weight. Math and all, I did not lose weight. I'm mad because I thought that was the whole idea. Granted I still have until Sunday to get my official weigh in but I'm sad.

I still fit into my clothes, and haven't felt bloated at all but I guess I'm just frustrated. The scale shouldn't be everything, but can't it be something? (especially since I took a walk yesterday burning 525 calories).

Plus I'm already upset because logistically I might only be able to lose a pound a week, but I want to lose more FASTER! Cutting more calories might screw with my metabolism and I don't know if I should work out more with that few of calories.

Maybe I should just keep going and see what happens? I might not have given this new approach a chance. I've only started really calculating like this last Sunday. I'm working out A LOT more than I usually do.



Anonymous said...

Considering that a most of those activities involve very similar motions and muscles(walking, jogging, treadmill, eliptical), you might want to mix up your routine. Your body does get more efficient at an activity like running, and you will start to burn fewer calories than you used to.

Czesia said...

Thank you for your comment! You are right, I think I should start strength training, but need to research it a little bit more. My only problem is that when I workout I wear a heart rate monitor that calculates my calorie burn based on factors such as age, weight, and gender. I should spice it up though and add something to maybe shock my body.

Amanda said...

If you're working out more than usual and eating the same amount, your body is probably retaining calories in a sort of starvation mode. Personally, I can't eat less than 1600 calories more than 1-2 times a week without stalling out my weight loss. It's not pure math. Think about dehydration - you get bloated when you're not drinking ENOUGH water. As soon as you drink tons and tons, your body flushes out the bloating. It does that because it's trying to retain as much water as possible because it's not getting enough. It will do the same with calories.

For instance, this week I started keeping a food log for an upcoming post about intuitive eating. Keeping a food log makes me more calorie-conscious naturally, and I ended up eating less than normal those days by maybe 100-200 calories. They averaged out to about 1500-1525 calories per day. In that time, I didn't lose a single ounce. Not one. On day 5, I said screw the log, I don't feel good, I'm getting obsessive, and I know I'm not eating enough. That was yesterday. I ate a sausage egg breakfast taco, a big bowl of cereal, a huge dish of rice and beef stew, a giant restaurant hamburger and a side of fries, and another bowl of cereal before bed. I have no idea what the calories on all that was, but I'd estimate 2250-2500. This morning? I lost half a pound.

This is *always* what happens to me if I spend a couple days eating too little. I have no idea what my basal metabolism rate is and I know it's not super great, but I also know that I simply can't cut calories to lose weight. I average 1700-1800 calories a day, burn about 2500 calories each week, and generally lose 1-1.5 lbs a week.

So point of this mammoth comment is that if you've increased your exercise but not your food, the reason you're not losing very well could be because your body doesn't think you're getting enough food and is storing as much as possible. Try eating a bit more, and see if the scale moves again. It's counter-intuitive, but it really does work.

Czesia said...

Amanda, it too early in our friendship to tell you I love you? Cuz I do, for real. I'm really going to give it a try, it's scary but I have to do something because this SUCKS.

Czesia said...

why can't life be like the biggest loser and I can lose weight like they do lol

Anonymous said...

Being defeated is often a temporary up is what makes it permanent. You got this girl. Take the suggestions and run with it (so to speak lol) but take heed not to become obsessive...that can be just as destructive as being over weight. Maybe not so much physically as mentally.

Czesia said...

I hear you loud and clear, and will do my best not to become an obsessive freak..Lord knows I don't want that!

Amanda said...

I always wonder if the people on The Biggest Loser gain that weight back when they aren't exercising 8 hours a day...I mean, that's got to really mess up your metabolism right?

I try to keep my metabolism on its toes - have at least one "off" day where I eat more. Usually I have one really hungry day each week so that ends up working well. I had a stupid 6-week plateau this summer (ugh!) but I kept going and eventually the scale moved again. Thank goodness!!! I'm sure it will move for you too.

Mollie said...

whenever you do the eliptical try switching it up by going backwards with your legs, or rotate directions. Also try doing other things, like squats, and lunges.

Czesia said...

Amanda, I can't believe they work out so much! I'm surprised at how they could do that and still be alive, I think I would get sick. I think I need to work on my metabolism. It probably hates me.
Mollie, I'm going to do some squats and lunges tomorrow during my workout, with you in mind. Don't be upset if I start cursing your name HAHA!

Hoovergirl said...

I have the same problem!!! Been stuck here for 3 MONTHS, working on 4 :( Adam tells me that it is because I have plateaued and I need to start doing less reps or shorter sprints. He says my muscles are used to doing what I am doing that I need to push myself to being sore again, DISLIKE:( Basically I have been just running about 3 miles a day or every other day but at least 4 times a week 12 miles total. I want to be able to run a 1/2 marathon with 9 min miles. According to him, I am not doing anything for myself but wasting my time because I need to break my muscles down to get stronger/faster and in return burn more calories!! I start a Miliatary styled program next week at the local gym!! I cannot wait to share what I learn, I have my fingers crossed that it will get me out of this funk and back to loosing weight!!! I know the scale shouldnt mean much,but it really gets to me as well!!

rachel.muchmore said...

Sounds like you've had a lot of great advice already. You just have to keep changing things until you find what works, could be eating more (I don't think you should eat less), could be changing your workout or adding strength training. But don't be discouraged, as much as we want it to be simple math, our bodies don't always work that way. Sometimes results from one week don't show until a few weeks later. One thing I've heard of doing is tracking your weight daily on graph paper, that way you get used to seeing the fluctuation and it doesn't freak you out as much. Then if you see a pattern over a few weeks that doesn't look like you want it to, you can change things. Everyone with weight to lose wishes it would be gone yesterday, but just remember that you are doing SO MUCH right for your body, and it will show you the same love in time.

rachel.muchmore said...

Also.. I think Biggest Loser has gone too far. I don't think what they do on the show is healthy anymore. When the show started it was good, but now they have people doing insane things just to get big results fast. I mean they have people who start out morbidly obese and completely sedentary run a MARATHON at the end of a few months! There is no way their hearts are conditioned for that. It is recommended that people who run regularly train for a year before running a marathon. I bet people who go on the show have to sign contracts not to sue if they have a heart attack.