Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School Day

So Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to college, to get more knowledge..SORRY...ahem....

I go to school and stay from 10-3, and between my classes I have an hour break to go work out in the gym! It's so nice to get a good sweat on and clear my mind in between classes. Usually I can only burn about 175 calories before having to go and take a shower, eat lunch, and get to my second class. Today I was able to burn 311 calories in that time frame, YAY! It's all thanks to this baby
I feel so good about it and it's funny how awesome it feels. It really makes me want to look into going to a gym, but I really could go on Mondays and Wednesdays as well. They have open gym for an hour, so I guess I could do that. Maybe I will?!?

So after my favorite time of my school day I have to go to Algebra class. eck.

I usually just stare out the window. That church is cool! Plus right behind it is the old Pabst brewery, look to the right...

While in class, my teacher has this really interesting way of explaining math. He says what he is doing is creating neural pathways?! He makes you write down EVERYTHING he writes on the board and then tells little stories that don't exactly make sense with the things we are learning. I wrote down every story that he told today to see how many different topics he got on to and it was a pretty interesting list:

Poppers Pie's
Can't mess with Wisconsin Beer, or food
Pillsbury dough cans
Lymes Disease
Flu Shot
Car Axles
St. Louis MO
Car Tickets
Speeding to Chicago
Lifting Weights
Living in a Dorm
Fighting with Significant Other
Elderly Parents
12 dollar Drill
Buying a Car
Messing with Salesman
Cold Weather

I actually think it is a great tactic to get us all to keep listening to him, because in between each story he does a few math examples, which we have to write down.

One of the problems we worked on today was y=kx, y=k/x, D=RT, etc.

So far that's been my day. I got home from school had some lunch and went to work. I feel like I got rid of a lot of clutter in my house and that really helped my stress levels. Marc and I finally got an agreement together and wrote down which household chore was whose. I have to do Cooking, Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Bed Making, and Vacuuming. Marc has to do Dishes & Counters, Bathrooms, Dusting, Taking out the trash, and the majority of grass cutting/shoveling (depending on the season). I think that's a pretty fair agreement, but man oh man I hope it works because this was a bad argument last night. It was so stupid because it was about a dirty stove top! OMG!

What's a stupid fight topic you've been in with your Significant Other, or family member? How do the chores get divvied up in your family?

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Mollie said...

ughhh fighting sucks especially about chores!!!

Amanda said...

Oddly, that church out your window looks just like the church that was out my window from my classroom in France back in 1999...

My husband and I don't really split chores. Generally, I do the bathrooms and laundry and vaccuuming while he's in charge of cooking, sweeping, trash, dishes, and lawn stuff. That makes him sound like he does a lot more than me, but with the kids involved, who tend to do the trash, sweeping, and dishes, it really all works out. Plus if I'm busy or sick or sore, he'll do the bathrooms or vaccuuming for me. And periodically I'll do the kitchen, or sweep. We're more fluid on that sort of thing.

Worst fights we've ever gotten into have been about religion.

Czesia said...

Mollie- Fighting really does suck, omg! He's been in a mood LOL!
Amanda- France, COOL! Now when I look out the window I'm going to pretend I'm in FRANCE! I'm gladI split chores, so far it's been okay! Oh boy, religion sounds like a scary arguement. Marc and I are pretty open about our beliefs but he joke that I'm a pagan. He's more Eastern with his beliefs, I'm Western but only to a point so we kinda don't talk about it LOL!