Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Favorite Juice! Day 9

Look at me, drinking on the job...Let's not bring up the fact that I'm having a crap hair day okay (the lighting in here really sucks by the way, only fluorescents)? It's super windy/rainy/snowy here, so hairdo's go right out the window.

I wanted to tell you guys that I finally made a juice that I really enjoy! Well, I enjoy all the fruit juices but not really the veggie ones. I made a Green Lemonade! It's got Spinach, Cucumber, an apple, and two lemons. It's super zippy, but really delicious! I figured out that I REALLY don't like celery, onion, and pepper juiced. It grosses me OUT!

One more juice day to go and I'm back to solids..THANK GOD! It would take a lot of willpower to last more than 5 days juicing honestly. The weight loss is incredible though!

Stats: 2/29/12, Day 9
Weight Loss: 9 LBs
Jeans: Into a pair of jeans that gave me BAD muffin top before, without ANY squeezed adipose tissue anywhere!!
Mood: Great! I feel super good today! I woke up with so much energy. Marc even commented how awake I was this morning. I can tell he is very proud of me. I am proud of myself!
Other: So I have a couple of people who are worried about my abrupt weight loss. A lot of people are saying I'm going to balloon up. I have a BOATLOAD of problems with this thinking. I have continually lost weight since 2007-2008. I have done both slow and fast methods. In all of my experience, my only weight gains have been minimal (5-7 pounds maximum). I don't eat at all like I did when I looked like this...
(This was even after losing about 30 LBs) That picture makes me so sad. Who is that sad girl (with the TRAGIC haircut)?

Anyway, like I said, some people were talking to me recently about how I'm going to balloon up. Even some stated they were worried I was anorexic. Where does that even come from? Right now, even on a fast I'm getting ALL of my vitamins and minerals, most of the proteins needed, and all the carbohydrates needed. An average juice is anywhere from 250-450 calories. What's the issue? I don't stuff myself with food that I used to eat, I still love a cheeseburger but I don't eat one daily. It's a matter of balance.Telling me that I don't know what I am doing, when OBVIOUSLY I have lost this weight on my own, is just a wasted breath. Don't rain on my parade. It kind of makes me think, are you sad about your own life? I think these people might very well be. All this bullying (really that's how it felt) made me write a FB message that I wanted to share with you...
That is so true to me, and I'm glad I stuck up for myself.

On that note, here's my food list:
Papaya Pineapple Juice
Mean Green Juice
Green Lemonade! x 2
Cantaloupe something Juice...

That last one I need to juice when I get home and will have a serving tonight and a serving tomorrow morning. One problem...What should I put with cantaloupe? Apple? Lemon? Just by itself? Hrmm I don't know yet.

Looking forward to chewing!! Love you guys!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Go Dirty Girl!

Just recently my cousins asked me to join them and run the Dirty Girl 5k in August!

Here's a quick video to get a picture of what we are going to be in for:

I am so excited! We should have so much fun!

I am running in honor of my Memere Jeanne who passed away in 2004. She overcame Breast Cancer during her lifetime, so the proceeds of the Dirty Girl run being given to Breast Cancer Research made it perfect. This will actually be my first 5k so I'm nervous but I know that doing it in her memory makes it all worth it. Today would have been her 69th birthday. I miss her everyday.

Memere wasn't my true blood grandmother, but she treated me and my sister as her own grandchildren. I was picked on a lot as a kid, she always paid attention to my thoughts, and feelings. she always was there for me telling me that I would grow into myself and that I was so smart :)

In the land of juice, I was nauseated this morning. I keep wanting to strive on though because I want to reach the goal! If I gave up to early I might not reach all the mental benefits that have been doted on the reboot!

Overall Stats, Day 8, 2.28.12
Weight Loss: 8 LB's
Jeans: Quite loose!
Mood: Nauseas, fed up, mad at the world. HANGRY!
Other: I am so ready to eat solids again. Thankfully only two days left to go! The veggie juices are grossing me out! I couldn't finish the beet juice that marc made me last night. I ended up making mean green which I am still sipping on. The weird thing is that I really do have so much ENERGY! The problem is actually more to do with juice time. I dont want to drink it! Not all are like that, plus I really liked the juice when I was eating only fruits and veggies plus the juice. Just juice only is not fun yet. At least I am being honest right?!? Marc did say he thought I was a bag of bones today. He even called me skeletor! I wonder if he is just trying to improve my mood? When I asked if he was serious, he said OH YEAH no one could doubt your weight loss. I'm going to try to get him to take my picture ASAP. Maybe tonight?
Food Lists:
Apple Juice
Apple Juice
Mean Green Juice
Mean Green Juice

Monday, February 27, 2012

I'll Never Give Up!

Juicing has been a little hard today. It seems like every juice I've made has tasted gross to me. I wonder if I'm getting that mid-reboot snag? All I know is that I am not going to give up! I'm already half way through this experiment!

Today's Stats, Day 7, 2/27/12.
Weight Loss: 7 LB's
Pants: Getting Looser!
Mood: Insatiable. Grossed out by the juices :( trying to see the bright side. Also worried about after the reboot. I want to make sure I stay healthy and not go nuts with bad foods.
Other: My wedding ring (which was resized to a 5 1/2 recently from an 8) moves freely on it's own around my finger!
Cravings: Salt and Vinegar Chips, Buffalo Sauce, and the pizza that was just delivered to a resident here at work. That smelled so GOOD!
Food Lists:
Watermelon, Cucumber, Carrot Juice
Apple Juice
Mean Green Juice
Marc's version of V28 Juice:
Beets, Tomatoes, Celery, Carrots, onion, Green Pepper, and Jalapeño


In other news I didn't fail my math test! I almost got a B actually! I'm pretty happy with that. I just want to pass the course. She also said that she drops our lowest test scores, so that takes some stress off of my shoulders.

That's about all I have to say today! I am just kind of miserable at the moment. Life is good though and this too shall pass!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Weekend, Day 4, 5, & 6

This weekend I spent some time giving cuddles to my love bug Masyn.

He's adorable!!

I was a little worried about going to my sister in laws house while being on the reboot but everything turned out fine! I juiced a huge papaya and pineapple (I went to a Mexican fruit market on Friday Morning and scored big on CHEAP produce!) Source
so I had fruit juice already made for snacks and breakfast. I had already made some spaghetti squash and tomato sauce with onions, garlic, and parsley so I was good for dinner the first night. The second day, I roasted some green beans, mashed half a head of cauliflower, and made some Kale chips. So while everyone was snacking from various things like sausage, cheese, pecans, and chocolate covered pretzels, I was eating right along with them from my Kale Chips! It really was okay. My family has been encouraging too which is a plus.

Today is the first day of the juicing only part of the reboot. For the next five days, until March 2nd I'm going to making lots of this...
Watermelon Pineapple on the left, Mean Green on the Right.

I am feeling okay so far, nothing to complain about! I wanted to make a video reviewing my juicer but I didn't have time. I'm sorry :(. I did, however, find a review that I agree with and thought you would enjoy!

My Hamilton Beach juicer is so awesome, clean up is a breeze, and I HIGHLY doubt you would regret buying this! For 60 bucks it's hard to beat (walmart website). I don't have a dishwasher, but like he said, it is dishwasher safe. I think it is easy enough just washing by hand. The strainer is the only part that you have to scrub but it comes with a brush, and scrubbing last 45-60 seconds at the most.

Weight Lost: 7lbs. The lowest I have EVER been since starting to lose weight in 2007. I'd get really close to this number on the scale and start eating badly again. I am so happy!
Pants: Feeling really comfortable, I wore them all weekend!
Mood: I feel awesome, really energetic. I didn't feel a significant craving until I came home and Marc was eating those microwaveable hamburgers. It didn't look so good, but it smelled AMAZING. I didn't give in of course. Who would after losing 7 lbs, and not starving?!
Other: Marc didn't come with me this weekend, this morning he saw me changing (sorry lol we ARE married!) and was shocked by how much weight I've lost. That felt really good :)

Onwards and upwards!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Still Juicing!

Still juicing my friends.. I'll update tomorrow I was visiting my little nephew this weekend <3

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 3, User Dreams

I took a nap today ( I know it's crazy I've been able to take naps lately, I thought my life was busier too!) and I had what Marc called a "User Dream"! He said he had user dreams when he was quitting smoking all the time.

In my dream I was in bed taking my nap but my mouth was full of bread. Dream Marc asked me "Are you eating an English muffin?" Dream me was like "UH NO! I'm on a reboot remember?!?" Internally I was feeling so guilty and realized I was chewing this chunk of bread, crumbs flying everywhere! It was so weird! I not only ate that, but I also went crazy on my gummy vitamins! I was eating so many of them.

In real life I am not even eating vitamins right now because all my vitamins are coming directly from the micro nutrient source :)

I've had a few struggles today with hunger, I'll try to remedy that in a moment. I want to learn to create my diet into a healthier one. When I finish this reboot, I am going to try to eat 90% micro nutrients daily. The other 10% will be healthful choices, maybe a little lean meat, or dairy, or whole wheat carbohydrate added. Processed foods, sweets and treats will not be apart of my life. I won't be living to gorge on the weekends which I so often find myself doing. Just because I am in school and life is hard, doesn't mean that I can be lazy in my food choices. Sure I'll have that occasional sweet, or that occasional processed choice but I know I feel so good and it's only been 3 DAYS!

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! I'm going to a fruit market! It's only a mile away, so I'm going to convince Marc to wake up early and walk there with me. It'll be nice if it doesn't snow :)

Stats for Day 3: 2/23/12

Weight: 3 lbs down WOOOO!
Pants: Comfortable
Mood: Insatiable hunger, going to take care of that right now...
Other: No headache what so ever!
Apple, Carrot, Ginger Juice

2 small Bananas
Tomato Juice with the following:
Tomato Romaine Celery Carrot Garlic onion Jalapeño Lemon
Cauliflower Mash (this was so good like mashed potatoes, I roasted some garlic, added parsley yum!)
French onion Soup
2 oranges
still have broccoli from yesterday I didn't need to eat, might eat it if I'm hungry!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 2, Mean Green!

Compared to yesterday, today is heaven! I woke up still wanting to be under the covers, but that is only because I stayed up late studying for a math test.

When I did get out of bed I felt...good! It was weird, but usually when I wake up I feel stiff and my feet feel tight, but today I bounded out of bed. Sometimes I have to keep my eyes closed for a while after waking up (I have a really hard time with it obviously) but today I just didn't! Up was up! Loved that!

Needless to say, I pretty much failed my test. Yup. I really did this time. I didn't go to Chemistry class downtown either. I had a really bad headache after class so I decided to give myself a break, went home and took a hot shower and a NAP!

My juicer came today, and I made my first drink. It's called the Mean Green Juice.
This was actually really tasty! The ingredients include a cucumber, 4 celery stalks, spinach (they used kale in the movie but I don't have anymore!), lemon, and ginger! It was actually tastier than I thought it was going to be. The lemon and ginger really brightened it up and it tasted clean and I loved it. Plus it made a huge thing of juice so it took me a good 30 minutes to drink it all. When I get to the juice only part of the Reboot on Sunday, I'll be drinking lots of these juices!

Which brings me to tell you I (once again obviously) got my juicer today!
This thing is so awesome, I was REALLY impressed. The juice was so good, and completely emulsified. The clean up was so easy, especially since Marc did it LOL. I can't wait to use it again! Maybe I'll make a video? Would you guys like that? I think I am going to go to a fruit market on Friday so be looking for it!

So overall feelings and food lists for the day:
Weight- No weigh in
Pants- Wore yoga pants, but stomach looked much more "tight" in the mirror.
Mood- Better, not perfect. A little more grouchy to Marc today :/
Other- I craved Boozed up Maraschino cherries today, weird!
Food List-
1/2 Cantaloupe
2 Small Bananas
French onion Soup with Cabbage and Carrots (caramelize onions, add water, cabbage, carrots, garlic, S&P) This was really good, I made it up!
Mean Green Juice
If I'm still hungry I'll have half a bag of broccoli tonight.

Let's see if I can conquer this mountain they call day 3!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Groggy, Grouchy, Sneezy, and Doc

I feel like a drug addict! I went through Day One of my Reboot feeling foggy, and in a daze! Not to mention sleepy. I think a lot of that came from missing coffee, how can one get addicted so FAST?

I can't wait to go back to sleep..

Can't you tell? LOL! This was right after a Biology test.

I don't know why I am so crazy, but I decided to start my reboot while I am being visited by our darling Aunt Flo, AND also having two test one day one and two. I think I'm a glutton for punishment.

The Breakdown 2.21.12
Weight- No change
Pants- tight
Mood- tired, foggy, slight headache
Other- Holy Pee pee Batman! I must be flushing out toxins?!?
1/2 Cantaloupe
2 apples
This Salad with homemade Salsa!

Kale "Chips"
1/3 head of cabbage
1 onion

I just can't wait for my juicer to get here! Chewing all this food is HARD. I could only eat half the salad, maybe I'll eat the other half with my dinner (cabbage, onion, apple)?

I don't know guys, this is really hard!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Like my melons?

Like my melons?

This should give you a hint to something I'm doing to my body soon...

I'm not getting a Boob Job, ya weirdos! I'm going the way of the Fruits and Veggies... I'm going on a Freggie fast for 15 days! I'm crazy I know!

I will be giving daily posts regarding my progress and feelings (I heard on day three that you see Jesus, and ask him take you to heaven instead of this hell you're living LOL!)

Why am I doing this? Simply because I need a reboot, I've been stuck wanting Cheeseburgers, fries, Fats, sugars, Salt...and I'm tired of it. I need to give my body a break! Food choices are SUPER personal, but I really recommend watching this film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead tell me how you feel AFTER watching (instant stream on netflix!). I was blown away, and now I feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes. it's like NO DUH...FREGGIES IS THE ANSWER CZESIA! It's like I knew it, but never really GOT it.

So onward and upwards, I'll see you tomorrow with a low down on whats going on!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, FLOOR

My AMAZING weekend....

Meet my youngest Nephew, Masyn Andrew! He was born on 2/16 at 12:49pm!

I am so in love with him!

After spending a couple days hanging with the wee one, I got to have the margarita I've been craving...or three, or four..ahem. no judging!


Love you guys, tell me all about your weekend!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Picture Day

I just saw that MommaRuthSays posted a project where she would take a picture once an hour throughout her day! This is the perfect opportunity for me try, since I have been in a blogging dry spell lately. School is hard guys! (I did end up getting an A on my math test, booyah!)

So without further adieu, some snippets of my day...

9am and so late, I couldn't even wait for my hair to dry! I had one of those mornings where the hot shower felt so good I didn't want to get out!

10am, headed to class. This is about as much snow as we've seen this winter, but it is snowing as we "speak".
11am (more like noon but still in that hour ha, actually all of the rest of the pictures are closer to the later hour!)Headed from one campus to the next. Super gray day out there..makes sense that it's snowing.

12pm Sitting in a parking structure, eating lunch. Today I had plain yogurt and mango. For breakfast, I had an english muffin with ham and pepper jack.

1pm, Chemistry class with my buddy Amanda. She's the greatest! I can't wait to get home and straighten that MOP!

2pm finally HOME, man I'm hungry. Marc went to the grocery store, so I had to find a snack before dinner!
3pm Finally dinner, my goodness I'm starving. Tuna Cakes (recipe below) half a baked potato, and brussels.
Chetney's Tuna Cakes (Makes 4 patties at 185 calories a piece):
10 ounces water packed tuna, drained of water
4 TBSP bread crumbs
1 TBSP horseradish mustard
1 tsp Dill Weed
1 egg
2 TBSP plain yogurt
2 ounces, 2% Velveeta

spray skillet with cooking spray, cook on medium until brown and crusty on both sides :)

Last but not least, 5pm WORK!
I'll be pretty much holding this position until 11pm tonight. Then I'll be home sleeping until it starts all over tomorrow!

I'm wondering if you guys could give me some blog topics since I've been in a rut? Would you like picture day to become a weekly post on Czesia Lives?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Some Funnies!

While I'm busy slaving away trying to figure out what the hell the difference is between Algebra unions and intersects I thought I'd take a funny break on Pinterest! I hope you get the laugh you needed, like I did!

Source: via Shree on Pinterest

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hairy Hair Hair

Hey guys! I've decided to treat myself with a new hairdo since I've been accepted to Mount Mary!

My hair appointment is going around noon tomorrow, and I am so excited! I have never done blonde in my hair!

I've been hemming and hawing about what colors I want, how blonde should I go..etc. etc.. and this is what I've decided on with the help of my WONDERFUL sister Rayel.

This haircut.. (just need a trim and shape up to get back to this)

With this coloring...AAAA!

So what do you guys think? A lot of people are showing concern about my fair skin, and that I will look washed out. I hope not, but my mind is pretty much set! I can't wait to show you guys tomorrow!

I had a great biology class today too! So far biology is my favorite! We learned about how fats are broken down by mixing vegetable oil, water, and bile salts together! Crazy thing to be doing at 9am in the morning! I got a nice hour nap in before work, and I feel much better this week than I did at the end of last week. Maybe I'm getting the hang of it?

Hope you guys are going to enjoy your weekend! (do I ever confuse you since my weekends start of Thursdays?) I've got lots to do this weekend, but we've got lots of fun planned too!