Sunday, August 31, 2014

Three Squares: Wonky Weekend

Weekends are sacred to me, don't you feel like you want to protect them in a way? So I've decided that the Three Squares posts will still include weekends but I'm going to combine both Saturday and Sundays.

Saturday morning was an early one. I was out getting supplies for the food demo yesterday and decided to buy some breakfast at the store. I had one of the blueberry muffins, iced coffee and a banana.

Breakfast was slim pickins! I made a kefir style yogurt with Greek yogurt and split it in two glasses for Marc and I. On top is some oats with flax, coconut, dried plum, and peanut butter. This was a killer parfait!
No, I didn't like it at all.... ha!
I had some gorgeous heirloom tomato from the market yesterday, so tomato sandwiches sounded mighty good! I loaded wheat toast with plain yogurt, tomato, parmesan and green onion. Pretzels  and the cutest little squash on the side. Doesn't this look like a smiley face?
Today I had a vegan BBQ sandwich and fries and a local IPA beer at a great place called Honey Pie. I forgot to snap a pic and gave Marc my leftovers! My lovely teacher was in town from Florida and I enjoyed spending time with her and her husband, catching up. I can't wait to go back it's such a great place!
Stuffed zucchini on Saturday night! Veggie protein crumbles, tomato, and green onion with parmesan and provolone on top. YUM! Marc and I both agreed the zucchini was so great and the yellow squash wasn't as good. Weird, right?
Breakfast for dinner tonight! I made a fruit salad for a family event tomorrow with watermelon and berries. I also had a wheat waffle with earth balance and maple syrup, and an egg.
Here's a picture of the fruit salad, aren't the stars so cute?
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Enjoy labor day with your family and friends!

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