Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Three Squares: Tomato!

I'm enjoying my transition back to school. I've missed my classmates and the challenge. I'm trying to embrace everything and keep things positive. Breakfast was frozen grapes and an egg and provolone sandwich. Marc made the sandwich for me, aww! He's been extra sweet and helpful lately.

Lunch was cut from half an hour to about ten minutes when a class project took over. So, I ate the hummus wrap and the gazpacho that my friend Ashleigh made! It was so good! Later I had the orange, and pretzels when I got home from school. The veggies made it to dinner. I'm still trying to implement three squares, it's hard at school!

Marc made dinner! We split the week up with chores during the school year. He'll make dinner Monday through Wednesday, Thursday is pizza night and I take over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He made BLT's with a soy bacon product, it was so good! Rye, Greek yogurt, the juiciest and most delicious tomato I've ever had, and romaine. Tots and veggies on the side. I want to make a better effort to get more vegetables in. It doesn't help that we're scraping the barrel as far as groceries go!

Man this sandwich! It was All about the tomato! Mmm Mmm

It's been a pretty relaxing night with my love. Hope yours is turning out the same!

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Czesia said...

Good job babe. I'm proud of you.
From your husband