Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Port Washington Weekend Getaway

In replacement of Three Squares this weekend, I'm sharing our trip to Port Washington. Know that I didn't strictly follow three squares since we were on vacation, but I didn't do any snacking or eating between meals. The only way I didn't follow the plan was by having multiple courses. After school on Saturday we left for our adventure!

View from the hotel

Marc and Bean getting cozy. We picked a queen bed instead of king for the views and a Jacuzzi! Great choice!
Czesia inception!
We got there right when a wedding was about to begin. This is from our view out the window, they're taking pictures gahhh!

The church they were married in. I took a short video of the music you could hear outside, and uploaded it to FB, it was gorgeous!

Bean on our walking adventure

These stairs are super long and a great way to increase that heart rate!
Conquered it!

Libations! 2 Gingers whiskey and ginger ale for me, a red ale for Marc. His first beer in a long time.

I loved this sign! I wanted a pumpkin latte but they're right it was too hot!
Later, we had reservations for a swanky restaurant so we dressed up! It was fun and romantic. I'll be doing a restaurant review tomorrow afternoon.

After dinner, we went swimming and were the only ones in there! I did a few cannonballs and floated around. So relaxing.

Here's the view at night
 Breakfast in the morning! I had the fruit, two bites of egg and a pancake, marc ate the rest!

When we got home today, I made Ziti with kale, spinach, Portobello mushrooms and Gardein veggie protein. This was so delicious. A friend of Marc's gave him an heirloom tomato so I sliced it up and stuck it on top!

I'm off to get organized for school tomorrow, see you then!

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Amanda said...

Nice! What a great getaway.