Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back To School Fashion Show!

I have strep throat, boohoo. Thankfully my throat doesn't feel too bad but I have NO ENERGY. I can't even lift my arms for that long, they get too tired. So in an effort to make myself feel better, I decided it was time to buy new clinical and school clothes. Don't worry, I became "non-contagious" at 7 this morning.

I love thrift stores, you can find a lot of cute things on the cheap! So, what does $99.03 get you at your local thrift shop (is that bad to say how much you spend)? Be sure to go all the way down to see the fashion show!

PJ's, I know people don't like to buy nighties and such at thrift stores but my rule is everything get's q good washing and is good as new.

It's time for the fashion show! I was hemming and hawing about this top, in the end I'm glad I bought it.

Same pants as before, I love this wrap top.

I'll need to hem these workout pants!

This jacket is so comfortable!

Talk about a comfortable dress! I could see myself wearing this at clinical and feeling in my element all day!

This navy blue dress is snug, so it's going to worn proudly next summer!

This pinkish purple dress needs something underneath. It's too short for my liking! Love the pockets!

These pants will fit better when I've lost a little bit more weight. I love this top!

My favorite outfit! I'm holding it there because it's missing a very important button haha! Easy fix!
Can you see the silver thread in the shirt? Those jeans are meant for me!

I got this belt to go with a dress I had purchased from the thrift shop when my sister was in town. Perfect!

A close up of the brooch I put on it, perfect for my future profession as a dietitian!

I hope you enjoyed the show! What was you favorite outfit? Do you give thrift stores a chance?


Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Pic 1 and 5 are my faves but love it all. Smokin' hot mama!

Czesia said...

Thank you Anele!!! I'm going in to my senior year as confident as I possibly can be!

Amanda said...

All the pics are broken links on my computer. :( They have been most of the time on the 3-squares posts too. Boo.

I love thrift stores. I've yet to find a decent one here.