Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three Squares: Bay-gel or Bag-gel?

 Breakfast: Iced black coffee, grapes, walnuts and a bagel with cinnamon and butter. Do you pronounce the word "bagel" as bay-gel or bag-gel, or maybe even a different way? The kids I watch pronounce it as bag-gel, but I've always called it a bay-gel! The laugh at me about it, just a silly difference of accents. Just like your Aunt isn't an Ant, she's an Aunt! If that made sense in writing!

Lunch: Delicious eggplant and green beans from dinner last night, with some sweet potato fries, cinnamon applesauce, pretzels and rice cakes.

Dinner: Roasted veggie pizza, peppers and a package of chocolate covered pretzels. I started feeling sick today, the kiddos I watch got strep throat, and I think I may have caught it. I don't have a sore throat her but other signs are leading to sickness. I hope not, because Marc and I are going on a weekend getaway! Since school starts for me on Saturday, we leave for Port Washington WI after my class is over. I better not be getting sick! If things don't look better by tomorrow morning I'll be going to a clinic.

I'll be walking today for my exercise! I'm counting last week as my start so today is my 10th day of 100 days of exercise!

 Hope everyone's happy that were getting closer to the weekend! Goodnight!

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