Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Three Squares: Obsession Over?

Hi faithful blog readers! I hope you had a lovely long weekend! I absolutely did, spending time with my In-Laws whom I'd rather just call my family, because they truly are. I had the most enjoyable day this labor day, so no pictures unfortunately to show meals.

On to Three Squares:

I've noticed since school started that because of my new routine, I've had less time to obsess over food. This is great news for me, and a great way to change up Three Squares to work for me while I'm at school. I've decided that I'm still going to portion out food to fit a plate size three times a day, but foods for breakfast and lunch will be eaten throughout the day so I am not ravenous before/ after lunch. Dinner will still be eaten on one plate so as not to allow obsession while at home where the cupboards are readily available. No after dinner binges!

Breakfast, was so yummy! I wanted all kinds of different things. A wheat waffle with egg and cheese and maple syrup, red pepper, oranges, and party mix.

Look at Bean eyeing up my pepper! This wasn't from this morning but man she's so cute!

Lunch was a working lunch, working on a project for school. Marc made this for me last night aww! I had watermelon, peppers and a PB&J. I ate about half the watermelon because it was kinda mealy. It's definitely not the best I've ever had, but I loved that Marc made me this lunch!

Dinner was also a Marc creation which is so helpful! He made a cheesy casserole type dish with soy protein, spinach and peas. It was good! Even if it wasn't yummy I would have loved it because how could you not when you're not the one who has to cook? His help is like gold to me on busy days.
While he cooked/did dishes I got some homework done! Win-win!

Off to the Laundromat! xoxo


Ashleigh said...

A wheat waffle with egg and cheese and maple syrup?!? Very interesting. I am a lover of the sweet and savory combination, but I've never considered a situation in which cheese, egg AND maple syrup would coalesce! I'll try it next time I have waffles in the house, so hopefully soon!

I am trying to convince B to have a dinner-making schedule for us as well. He said he likes the idea, but only time will tell if we can actually get it implemented!

Amanda said...

It's always helpful when a food obsession ends, haha!