Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Three Squares: Want Nachos?

Today happens to be my Friday! Throughout the summer I have been Nannying for three different families and today is my last day watching one for the week. I came in to the kiddos house smelling popcorn. Popcorn? At seven am? Come to find out one of the kids got strep throat and requested popcorn for breakfast, and the Dad made it for them! Interesting! I was going to eat a piece of toast with my veggie scrambled eggs but opted to join in on the popcorn fun!

Lunch was similar to yesterdays, PB&J on Rye, blueberry applesauce, cheese crackers, zucchini sticks and sweet potato fries

Do you remember a couple days ago when I talked about how I'm trying not to obsess  and overthink the foods I'm going to make? Today was a good lesson in this plan working! I didn't overthink dinner before I got hungry and then I wasn't really sure what I was going to make. I usually know what I am going to make for dinner before I've even finished breakfast! So today, Marc was looking in the fridge and said he had no idea what I was going to make because there was nothing in the fridge haha! I looked in and thought about it and then LIGHTBULB! Do you want nachos? WHO WOULDN'T WANT NACHOS?

Extra cilantro please!

Men always think there is nothing in the fridge ha! Guys three squares is working! Let's all knock on wood.