Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three Squares: Mexi-Thai and Whiskey

This is really turning out to be one of my favorite breakfasts. Greek yogurt, oats, blueberries, and raisin bran crunch. I had my regular black iced coffee too. There is something very satisfying about the textures and the flavors. Plus the protein from the yogurt helps keep me full throughout the morning.

The best thing about lunch was a grilled cheese! Oh yum! I really savored it, those cucumbers were really crunchy too. Good lunch

Dinner was a picnic with my best friend after her spin class. It's the last one of the season, which makes me very sad because I'm not sure I'll be going when school starts. I know we will figure something out I love this time with her! We had Mexi-Thai food :) cabbage slaw, quinoa salad, banana bread, grapes, and la Croix. Now that I'm thinking about it, we should have split the salad for leftovers! I want more of that slaw Ashleigh!

Tonight was book club and we went out for a drink. I love spending this time with my best girlfriends. We discussed Gone Girl, Wild, and Fault In Our Stars among other things ;). I had a Rehorst Kinnikinnic Whiskey on the rocks, or should I say, rock. It was delicious, but the girl time was where it's at. We all had one drink. I'm proud of that!

what drink do you/ would you order at the bar?


Amanda said...

Gah I need in-town girlfriends!!

I love yogurt for breakfast too. I tend to have mine with strawberries, cocoa, and raw almonds.

Czesia said...

Ooo i'll have to try that mix asap!