Sunday, August 17, 2014

Three Squares: Szechuan Sunday

Happy Sunday everybody! I have made it one week with my three squares meal plan, I'm so proud of myself! I've been feeling more emotionally stable and healthier too. Marc and I were busy bees today! Sundays are our laundry day, so we went to the Laundromat and finished that. We also followed up on our new Sunday tradition for Sunday breakfast. We would like to have had this outside but it was pretty cold out and we were cranky. It was still very good, and low pressure. I only felt slightly guilty for my breakfast but that's ok. I have worked hard and I deserve to treat myself. I had a classic egg and cheese with hash browns, black iced coffee and a delectable and worth-every-calorie Boston crème filled donut. I wanted a donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles but they were all out. I'll have to wait two weeks, because next week we're going on a weekend getaway!

After dropping Marc off at work, I went grocery shopping. On the way there I spotted this tree. It's too early to have changed colors! I am not accepting this! Even though I love fall, it isn't even September yet.

I got a little ahead of myself here. Before I went shopping, I was cleaning the apartment and folding clothes, and half-watching Lilo and Stich when I got hungry again! It was later than my usual lunch time so I decided to have second breakfast. Yogurt, coconut, almonds, flax meal, and raisin bran crunch mmm mmmm!

Dinner was especially delicious, I was very happy to have vegetables back in the house after grocery shopping. We had Szechuan veggie protein with a beautiful array of vegetables and brown rice. I didn't make enough rice for both of us, so I happily added some honey wheat pretzels to my plate.

Gorgeous! Now I'm going to convince Marc to go on a walk with me to the beach and toss the football around! I hope your weekend was amazing!

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