Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Three Squares: PB&J Myth

Happy Wednesday to you! I absolutely felt today was that mid week speed bump. We had a class that I wish I was interested in, but sadly am not (6 hour research class). I'm trying my best to get to the point of satisfaction with it based on knowing I'll have to do/understand research in my career.

Breakfast is much more fun! I have been waking up extra early lately for reasons I am not sure of. So with my extra time I made brownie baked oatmeal and cheesecake filling on the side. CHEESECAKE? It's vanilla protein powder mixed with plain Greek yogurt! So good, and so filling.

I was feeling extra happy and satisfied with my life this morning.  I snapped this while stuck and traffic, it was turning out to be a gorgeous day.

It continued to stay nice so my friend and I ate outside at school. I was so into our conversation that I forgot to take a picture! So I drew one instead haha! That PB&J was really good! I ended up giving grapes and some pretzels to the bestie who was hungrypants. That's good because I wasn't feeling all that hungry this afternoon. The small jar has cucumber and tomato in it and the green baggie is celery. Black stuff is coffee.


After school, I went to a meet up for Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at a beer garden. I met some very interesting people and had some special bonding time with people that share the same passion about food and nutrition.

Ashleigh took a professional picture of me for LinkedIn. I haven't set it up yet but will soon. She should be a photographer, she told me just how to stand!

Here I am driving over the same bridge watching a gorgeous sunset over the polish moon clock. I am so exhausted by this time but also feel very fulfilled and accomplished.
It was Marc's last turn for the week to make dinner and he knocked it out of the park! He used some leftover bean burgers I had made as well as jalapeños, salsa and veggies. Stuck it in a tortilla and decorated with avocado, olé! Tots on the side.
Good night you guys, I'm beat!

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