Friday, August 22, 2014

Makeup Makeovers

So, I've heard the desire for more makeup/beauty related posts. I'm kind of in that mood myself. As you probably know, I've been sick lately and just as the doctor told me, my energy is non existent. Tomorrow I'm going on a weekend vacation after my Saturday morning class. I really hope I am feeling better! I promise to make the most of it. Since I start full time school (my senior year of college) on Monday.

Anyway, back to makeup... Did you know that I love it? I would assume so, but this summer I haven't worn a lot of it because it's been hot and to be honest, I haven't been myself. I don't know where I got the love of makeup from, my mom NEVER wore it and my older sister didn't dabble in it much either.

Since I'm recuperating and bored, I figured I'd post a few tricks I've learned a long the way and play with fun colors!

Please note, that I wish I had a model to play with but it was just me and Beanka pup in the house so it was either me or the dog. I chose me... so beware of lots of close ups of Czesia.

First, always start off with a fresh face. It's like your canvas, so make sure it's ready to be painted! Then show the world what you look like sick and without a stitch of makeup on haha! You can skip that step if you want. I'm adding it because I want you to know dear reader, that I love myself even without makeup on. It's important because if you try and erase everything that makes you unique, than who are your really? A plastic impression of someone else, or what someone else defines as beautiful? No thanks.

OK! So, what is the most important thing to remember about makeup, in my opinion? I think it's EYEBROWS. Don't forget your eyebrows, they are like a picture frame for your eyes. Try to keep them within two shades of your hair color, and bigger/darker = younger appearance. Also, as you can see I have a more rounded face so I go for a more angular pinup brow. The more angular/sharp your features are the more rounded your brow should be.

There are so many more things I want to tell you about eyebrows haha! Maybe I'll do a couple follow up posts that are more in detail if you guys like it. I've gone over eyes before, but one quick tip is that if you want your eyes to look larger, make sure to concentrate darker colors toward the outside corner of the eye. This is why the winged liner has always been such a favorite for generations.

Let's talk lips...

Red lipsticks with a bluish tint are more complementary, especially on cool toned skin like mine (pink undertones and blue veins on inside of wrists). They also make your teeth look super white! Bonus! To keep your color on longer, line your lips with a similar shade and color in the lines like you're a kindergartner with a fresh set of crayolas.

What about nudes? Nudes are hard because it's easy to pick something skin toned that washes you out. I wanted to show you how you can get a great looking nude color that's based on what you already have at home if you wear makeup. Also, I think nudes look best with a darker eye, so I added a bit more color to my lids as well.

Here I've applied this first coat of our special nude color made just for you, this is my concealer! It made my lips slightly ghostly and matte. Not so bad, but we can do better...

Add a clear based lipgloss that complements your skin tone, the more olive or tan your skin is the more of a tan/ olive color you should pick! I'm a pinky pink girl so pinky pink it is!(I dont think covergirl makes wetslicks amazement anymore, which is too bad this is my jam!)

Ta da! Nude!

My last tip of the day is how to add a bright shadow without looking like you're straight out of the eighties.

Add a pop of color on the middle of the lower eyelid after applying a Smokey eye. Move the color up from the middle onto the crease of the eye for added drama. Make sure it's not the only color on the eye or else there will be no added dimension/interest.

No puppies were made to wear makeup in the sake of Czesia Lives blog, but posing for the camera..yuparoo!

Do you like makeup? Do you have any favorite applications/ looks? How about special makeup tricks/requests from me?

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