Monday, August 18, 2014

Three Squares: Two Pounds Down!

Good Monday, y'all! I started the day with a two pound weight loss! Very encouraging, especially since Three Squares is probably the easiest "plan" I've ever done. Being active an hour a day hasn't hurt either! More on that later... Breakfast was slim pickins', I forgot my breakfast at home so I made the best of what I could at work. I ended up not eating the banana though. I really wanted some eggs for protein. I had cinnamon puffins with milk, and peanut butter toast with raspberries.

Lunch was yummy, but when I looked back on the picture it's pretty beige. I try to incorporate a fruit and veggie on each plate, but my applesauce is looking pretty beige too ha! That grilled cheese though, mmmmm. It's on rye, my favorite. I also had a package of chocolate pretzels, honey wheat pretzels, carrot, and a mini pizza that the kiddo I watch didn't want to eat. I hate food waste, do you?

Dinner was the winner of best meal of the day. Kale salad with grapes and tortillas and roasted veggie pizza that I threw baby spinach all over before cooking. The pizza was very good, I picked it up from Aldi. It had artichoke hearts, mushrooms, peppers, onions,  spinach and tons of rosemary!

So about exercise, I am happy to say I have been making every workout as scheduled just like an appointment. So I'm joining a blogger friends 100 days of exercise! I'll be updating my exercises daily now as well as uploading the blog. Today, Marc and I are heading to the Y for our exercise. He's planning on treadmilling it up, and I am going to be working on my elliptical fitness and the rowing machine.

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Amanda said...

Yay for the first loss! I'm still hanging right around where I'm at, but at least maintaining instead of gaining!