Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Three Squares: Mac Attack

Morning came early for me today, I can feel the early morning light coming later and later everyday. It makes me sad, but also makes me excited because my all time favorite season is right around the corner!

Breakfast was two eggs, black coffee, applesauce and raisin bran crunch. I ate this when I got to work, which was perfect because I didn't get hungry until around seven-ish.

Story of the Mac Attack: First of all I can't believe I'm being so honest, I think to myself do they really need to know all your secrets? Why tell them, they don't need to know. It's like you're the FBI, but Food Bureau of Investigation instead of federal. Anyway, there are certain food that I have to be really careful around. It's really like a loaded gun, one false move around a trigger food and I'm done for. (good) Mac and cheese is one of them, others would be Doritos, cookies, really most sweets in general if there is more than one or two items around. So I do the best I can and try not to allow these foods in my house. But this summer I started Nannying a couple kiddos and talk about kiddo junk food! The mom writes out a menu for them everyday and once a week is mac n cheese for lunch. This day is hard for me so I decided to allow myself a little on my plate and it was very satisfying. I allowed myself something that I knew if I denied at first I would give in and eat more than I should or would care to admit. So kudos to me!

Lunch: Pb&J on rye, radishes with cottage cheese, tortilla chips, strawberries, blueberries and mac & cheese!

It's kind of hard to show that plate because it's a lot of food for me, and I packed that plate full, but I've committed to this, and I trying not to be proud. I really didn't want to tell you about the trigger foods either. I have to be easy on myself though because I know that if I don't bring a lot of options for my lunch I will feel very tempted to eat junk food with the kids.

Dinner was much less dramatic. Wheat pasta with fresh mozzarella, marinara, spinach and tomatoes. Oh yeah, and nutritional yeast on top. Almond milk on the side.

I've been semi bombarded with questions from my last post, so let's have some Q&A time, shall we?

Q: How can you become a registered dietitian in less than a year and have this much trouble with food?

A: I don't see my job as being the "Know It All" of food. I am open to just being me, and I can happily say that I know quite a bit about nutrition. I'm also a human and know what it is like to struggle with food, this helps me stay humble. I am not the food police, I am not perfect. This will make me a well rounded RD and I resent this question, really. There is no magic pill of weight loss, if a client comes to see me, I can't give them determination and power of will. Let's move on.

Q: How is three squares any different from counting calories?

Counting calories is a great method to weight loss, mixed with some exercise of course. This is how I initially lost a lot of weight. I will probably go back to counting calories once I feel that my mind is slightly less obsessive and I can handle that kind of control again. Three squares is a way for me to find a new relationship with food. It's non restrictive to a point and all I have to think about is my plate three times a day.

Q: How can you put all your dirty laundry out there for everyone to judge?

 Not even going to sugar coat this, everyone's shit stinks. I'm brave and trying to get away from denial. If someone reads my struggles as their "guilty pleasure" to feel a little better for their own problems.... good for them! That's none of my business. My life, my health and my family are my business. This is my way to live a true life.

 So here is my question to you, what do you think of three squares? Could you do it? Would you want to? Remember only honesty here on Czesia Lives!


Amanda said...

Wait - really? People are asking questions like that?? WTF? Wow.

Honestly, I don't think that second plate looks bad at all. I'm a different kind of eater - I have to have more protein and less carbs or I start feeling sick - but that doesn't look terribly high calorie at all. I think you did pretty well, and I think we ALL have trigger foods. There are definitely things I can't have around either!

Czesia said...

People have a way of beating around the bush, even putting questions in nice tones. Blegh. I rewrote the questions to say what they were really asking me. I like higher protein diets, being a broke vegetarian erases that for me :) That's why I eat a lot of cottage cheese and eggs and beans lately :)