Thursday, August 21, 2014

Three Squares: Amoxicillin Coma

Dudes, I feel like a bear in winter. Yup, it's hibernation station over here. I had a bit of energy earlier today but it's all gone now. It's more than gone, it's vamoosed! Moose and bear? What the hell is in these pills?

On to Three Squares

Breakfast: I enjoyed a nice morning off by pinteresting and having a late breakfast. Today was cereal in almond milk, egg and cheese muffin and a banana. Black iced coffee on the side as per usual.


My little breakie spot

Lunch: Prepared by my dear sweet husband, grilled cheese on rye, pretzels, applesauce and pickles. Forgive the beige today, I am not kidding you when I say beige was all I could handle at this point of the day. I was a sick lady! Notice the pill? Icky.

Dinner: A hodgepodge of things here and there. These vegetarian "chicken" tenders are beyond good, much better than any nugget I've ever had. With the nugs, I had tortilla chips, roasted broccoli, orange slices and chocolate pretzels.

I'm off to go try and move around a bit. I'm sorry to say my only exercise today was shopping haha! Oh well, when I feel better I'll do a "two a day". Goodnight faithful blog readers! By the way, I've gotten a much bigger hit on my blog today from the fashion show post! I'll be sure to integrate more beauty and fun life posts so it will be more entertaining than just seeing what I've eaten every day!

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