Monday, August 25, 2014

Restaurant Review: Twisted Willow

Happy Monday friends!

Today was my first day back to college, I'm officially a senior! Go me!

I wanted to tell you about a restaurant I went to on Saturday while on vacation in Port Washington.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Twisted Willow

We really enjoyed everything about this place. My word of advice, get a reservation. We dressed nicely, this is the kind of place where it would be nice to wear something more fancy, but not suit and tie really. Also we're vegetarians so it's tough for us to go out and get something other than pasta. So we were disappointed with the lack of vegetarian options. Meat eaters, this restaurant will be great for you! I spotted some wild boar meatballs on the menu! Man!

We started with a beverage, a fixed gear for Marc and I got a Petite Syrah. Delicious.

With the entrées we picked, we were offered soup or salad, we both picked the salad for some greens. I loved the watermelon radish addition and caught myself eating it off my plate like a potato chip, oops! I was trying to be fancy! They also gave complementary bread which was... bread. :)
I loved the dressing, they had a long list but I picked "honey orange dill" and it was probably the best thing I had all night.
Here's my entrée, the mushroom and kale stroganoff. It was very delicious, earthy and rich. The mushrooms take center stage. I had about one fourth of this and gave the rest to Marc because he was still hungry after his meal.
Marc picked the big kid mac and cheese with kale and avocado added on. Avocado on mac and cheese? Interesting. Ne problem, the avocado wasn't ripe, aww man! I got a couple bites and thought it was good. It had a nice cheesiness that you would expect, I just wish it had something more for substance. I think it's the idea of pasta for dinner out that bothers me. This is just a personal preference and I'm not knocking the restaurant for their product at all!
We ended our meal with cherry cobbler and French pressed coffee. It was the perfect way to end the meal. I would absolutely eat here again if I was in town. Even though I thought the entrée price was exorbitant, with our drinks and desserts and salads, it was a very fair price. We had a lovely attentive waitress and wait for it.... 
Candy coated fennel seeds. My favorite!

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Amanda said...

I never order salads at places because I never know what kind of greens they're going to use and I just really hate iceberg and most other lettuces, except baby lettuce mixes. It looks pretty good there!