Friday, August 29, 2014

Three Squares: Breakfast and Budgets

Hey Everyone! I hope you're enjoying your Friday. I worked today and the kids were amazing! I mean absolute angels! Did they get lobotomies this week? I'm not sure but I'll take it. Last night after uploading the blog I started on a picture for school. The alumnae asked for volunteers to do a charitable drawing with the topic "Draw your soul" I've decided that this isn''t finished, I'd like to add more weight to it. Maybe add instinctual items into it, if that makes sense...

Onto three squares, This morning I had an egg and cheddar sandwich with grapes and something called apple straws? They were interesting, and I might get them for Marc's lunches again.

I spent my morning doing homework and found this gem in my rental research book. Someone had a good time.

Lunch was a hodgepodge. Sunflower butter and jam, apple, mac and cheese with cheez its on top because that's how I roll, and sweet potato fries.

Dinner was Marc and I's first weekly breakfast and budget meeting with each other. We schedule appointment time together to eat shitty (but delicious) food together and commiserate on our hate of finances. We're doing well with starting this journey and I'm proud of us. Since I decided to eat my fast food meal this afternoon, there will be no Sunday morning DD run. That's ok because I want to stay in my PJ's most of the day.

My evening has been centered around the food demo I'm doing with Ashleigh tomorrow! I can't wait to share it with you! P.S. if you are here because of the demo, welcome! I hope to see you here again real soon. Especially for my next post which will encompass the day of planning and fun!

gotta run pick up marc from the Y, I'm late!

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Amanda said...

I am now very much craving an egg-and-cheese sandwich, except mine would be open faced and on GF bread, haha!