Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleepy Stress

today was just full of stress and fueled by not enough sleep.

the Freakin' cat kept waking up and meowing. I feel bad for him :( he had really bad diarrhea today and I'm hoping that when I get home he is doing better. Look at how cute he is! Aww!

It was cold too. Nana's heater stopped working on Halloween so I made sure to cuddle up with my new electric blanket

and enjoyed our new space heater downstairs.

Nana was on a rampage today about the heat. First she is freezing and then she is breathing fire because it is too hot (when it was the same temperature as it had been) No she is not getting sick, she just saw the heater guy and wanted to complain about him being there. Sometimes its just really hard to deal with...

I hate it when she gets so ornery, very hard to deal with. She keeps going through all of our stuff downstairs haha! She found a notebook today and was like look what I have, you can use it if you like! That made me laugh, i was like oh, thank you Nana that is very sweet of you, I'll be sure to use it! Even when I'm slightly upset with her she makes me smile! I wanted to take
more pictures today but I forgot my camera at work ( so I used Alices, that I accidentally borrowed from Halloween, it snuck in my bag!) I barely ate today due to the stress of the heating issues and miscommunications with trying to get the heater fixed.

In other news, I have noticed my teeth are feeling better, I had cereal this morning, what a feat! I made black bean burgers for lunch but they tasted SO nasty, i just chucked them. usually i love thembut something was definitely off. I made pumpkin cake which was good, I substituted 1 cup applesauce for the 1 cup oil, and I put in a cup of brown sugar instead of reg. sugar for richer flavor :) It was pretty good, and moist. I had molasses on top for "icing" yum! I'll take a picture the next time I have some. For Dinner I had a Sobelmans grass fed burger...holy moly, that was good. I can tell that I have not had enough to drink today, I need to amp up the water.

I just keep telling myself, tomorrow is a new day. a bright shiny new day and life really isn't that bad we just have to reflect on the things that bother us, take a deep breath and exhale the negativity!

Tomorrow is a school/curves day. I am making a point of getting all of my stuff ready for school and the gym BEFORE I go to bed tonight. No excuses for not eating breakfast, no excuses for not bring gym clothes. I WILL NOT SABOTAGE MYSELF!

Have a Good Night!

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rachel.muchmore said...

Boo for kitty diarrhea?!! Hooray for electric blankets and preparing yourself for a successful day! :)