Sunday, November 21, 2010


So you'll never guess what Marc and I did last night...wait did you just say "go to the movies"? If so...your really smart, or just good at reading titles. BUT we were bored and I really wanted to see the movie RED.

IT WAS SO AWESOME! I really really liked it. I've been pretty impressed with the movies that have come out lately, but now it's time to stop spending so much dough stop being spoiled! No more movies for a while :(.

We also spent some time with Nana after she had taken her night time medicine (which makes her a bit loopy, and super hilarious) she even came downstairs and talked for a while before we took her to her room to sleep. It was fun! I also made Chicken Wild Rice Soup.

Finally a soup that Marc enjoys, that is NOT made with cream! YAY! Nana really enjoyed it too WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! I really liked this recipe because it made so much that there are plenty of leftovers! YES!

My lovely sister told me about a "diet" she did a while back where she lost 44 pounds! I'm going to try this approach starting today! Basically what you do is you don't eat after 6pm which is harder than it sounds. If you are hungry later in the evening than you can have raw fruit like an apple. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm already going to say that Thursday will be different though since it is Thanksgiving.

I have to work on Thanksgiving 9-5 and then I'll be headed to Marc's work (where he will be working after 5pm) to have Thanksgiving with the clients. I'm going to make some type of broccoli casserole, and I'm making a pie for the family Thanksgiving that Marc is going to but i can't because I have to work.

At least I'll be meeting Oprah...yes that Oprah

but I honestly would rather be with family eating all the punkin pie LOL!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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