Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh Thursday, I hate you.

Today started out really good but then crashed and burned.

I woke up bright and early had a breakfast of yogurt and applesauce, went to school and then to CURVES! yay proud of myself! I lost 4 inches this month :)

I was singing to the radio, cracked the window to let the wind blow my hair (even though it is freezing out) and smiled smiled smiled. Then I got home.

I walk in the house and Marc is in the bathroom. The heater is blasting and it is dreadfully hot, so I turned it down (no one was in the room, and I couldn't even breathe). I walk into the bathroom where he proceeds to yell at me 1) I didn't shut the basement door so Frankie got out, went to nana's house and got sick on milk that she keeps forgetting not to give him. 2) I turned the heat down which is not fair.

So I took it in stride and let it go. Oh well i can admit I should have remembered to shut the basement door. But really is it worth YELLING at me about it? NO.

Next up Nana's electricity went out. The energy guy came to fix it and said it was an internal problem and we would have to call an electrician.

There is probably some loose wires or something going on. This means Nana has no heat AGAIN. We tried to convince her to come downstairs since we have heat but she refused.

I asked Marc to drop me off at school because I didn't want to walk-it's cold and a bad neighborhood, he had the day off, and it costs money to park downtown. I ended up getting out of class late and when I get into the car he yells at me AGAIN!

"Chetney, you KNEW that I was waiting for the electrician to come...stop making stupid made me miss the appointment....your selfish"

I couldn't take it anymore...after wanting to punch his face in and finally getting into the house, I calmed down, shut up, and watched Dr. Phil.

I hate it when he takes his frustration out on me. I REALLY hate it. I didn't know he had an appointment!! I was never told this!!! I would have walked, or even drive myself...but I DIDNT KNOW. He says this isn't an excuse. UGHHHH I HAVE SUCH A MIGRAINE. And it is still my fault everything bad that happened today and I guess it always will be. Plus from now on I have to drive myself to school, spend the money, and walk in the snow. I wish he could understand how much I am dealing with too, but I've tried to tell him and it just isn't getting through. He told me that I always play the victim, so I'm trying to see it through his eyes. I'm just still feeling pretty pissed off about it, as I feel i rightly should be.

It just happens to be one of those arguements that if I try to tell him my side and how he is being mean, he still gets right back on his high horse and says that he is right. IT IS SO BEYOND FRUSTRATING.

Even my makeup looks mad...LOL.

Plus the weather stunk.

I hate blogging about this kind of thing, but if your whole day is an arguement than there really isn't much else to say, other than thank God tomorrow is Friday. Plus I'm going out with Angela on Saturday for a girls night :) Always look for the positive. Good night :)


Rayel said...

Your makeup looks amazing! :-)

rachel.muchmore said...

I second Rayel's opinion, beautiful makeup! Sorry the day was so unpleasant, I hope tomorrow is better. Hooray for girls night!