Sunday, November 28, 2010

Michelle Kwan

I can honestly tell you that I will not be the next Michelle Kwan...

But when Marc and I were trying to decided what to do on Black Friday I knew it was the perfect time to get all crazy with my snow bunny self! We have an ice skating rink not far from our house and decided to see what it was all about!

Marc and I finally found some kind of exercise that we enjoy! I'm going to buy some of our own skates really soon so we can enjoy it even more! The rental skates were really hard on my ankles and all weekend I felt like they were trying to give out...but the good news was I only did this....

ONCE! Plus I took Marc down with me, but thankfully he didn't hurt himself haha!

Before we left to go to the rink, Nana came downstairs and watched TV with us for a while! She had taken her nightly meds so was a bit on the loopy side but I actually got her to take pictures with us! This is a big deal because she hates getting her picture taken so I don't think I'm going to post them...but here's me with a little smidge of Nana's arm. Gotta respect her wishes :)

After skating and skating and having so much fun and laughing sooo much I thought I had had enough and we decided to call it a night. When we were at the driveway to turn left and go home OR turn right and just drive until we found something we wanted to do, we decideed to have a little bit more fun and rode around until I saw the PHO viatnamese restaurant that I have wanted to go to forever! I don't know if you know this about me, or not...BUT I LOVE VIETNAMESE FOOD!
I got a plate of stir fried seafood like squid, scallops, shrimp, and crab and Marc totally had the best meal of deep fried squid. YUM! It was covered in jalapeno slices so it was a bit too spicy but oh so yummy. Next time I am actually going to get Pho which is kind of like Ramen but a million times better. This looks like a good bowl of Pho.


To be honest it was pretty bland. I worked all day (met/saw Oprah, it's not even worth blogging about really) and went straight to Marc's work where I spent most of my time playing cards with the client Jeff. His idea of playing cards is to line them all up like a match game in a big square. He was pretty quiet all night, which was sad but he got to drink Diet Coke with his Thanksgiving meal which he was really happy about. I wish he could have been with family during the Holidays. Poor guy.

When the clients were all in bed I got to watch a bit of Toy Story 3 but didn't get to finish. I know it's a kids movie but I loved it :)

Then we went home and went to bed! sooo tired!

Okay back to the weekend. Saturday I switched our wardrobe over to winter clothes and got out all of the heavy sweaters, jackets, boots, and hats. It was semi depressing but I've got to get into the Holiday mood so it can be fun! It is supposed to really snow next Saturday so wish me luck on trying to figure out life in the snowy ghetto. HAHA!

Today was a LAY DOWN AND CHILL kind of day. I watched a bunch of TV, did the dishes, tidied up and vacuumed. Something was in the air today and I couldn't stop sneezing and being congested. I'm blaming it on the cat.

I think that is all I can think of to talk about for my Holiday weekend! I enjoyed it, even though it was a little bit different than I had planned!

How was your Thanksgiving?


rachel.muchmore said...

I need to go ice skating! I have never been, but I have a groupon for it so it has to happen now! :) Also.. I love Toy Story 3. I've watched it at least 4 times.

Czeshia said...

Rachel, You'll have to tell me how you liked ice skating! Plus I need to know what happened in the movie, I only got to the part where Lotso was thrown in the dumpster! Can you update me?

Mollie said...

you know I have only had vietnamese food one time when I was like 5...I should def look into finding a resturaunt here. I have a soft spot for thai and japanese though. hmmmm.