Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I had lots of fun this weekend! We all dressed up on Saturday and went to a birthday party!

Lots o' drinkin and lots o' fun :)

Today was more of a recovery kind of day. No pictures sadly but I got a electric blanket (thanks to my awesome Ciocia Linda!) and a we have semi-officially adopted Frank the Cat. He was a stray who used to have a collar and now he begs for food and is always hungry. He invites himself into the house and we all thought it would be really good for nana to have Frank in the house. He ate lots of food and is in the house now. He wouldn't stop crying to get out of the basement, but he doesn't really know what is good for him. He just needs to get adjusted, plus he thought Nana would give him more food so he wanted to whine about it. Throughout all of his whining though, he was purring and knitting! Pictures tomorrow, he's really cute :)

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