Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Easy Wednesday

Today was pretty boring, we went to bed late because we were watching this movie...

It's one of my favorites :)

So needless to say we woke up later than usual, 11am. That's not so bad for us though we work nights guys!!

I spent some time with Nana and Alice today playing with Frankie. Nana loves him as much as we do so it's good to see her happy! Here are some candids of him all snuggled in my electric blanket, he loves that thing as much as I do!

For lunch today I decided to try to eat a salad!

It's been a while, and let me just say this....SALAD IS HARD TO EAT WITH BRACES! Not only does it get super STUCK in my teeth it's actually really hard to crunch on. I ate most of it, but mostly swallowed whole. On the side I had some of these cracker things.

I had never had them before, and I rate them maybe a...c+. I want to try the garlic herb kind and see if I like it better. The cheddar flavor just isn't really there. I would probably enjoy it more if I could chew it better (this is probably really gross to hear, sorry)

Anyway, I just finished up this essay here

and now I'm on to finishing up my workday relaxed and stress free! OH and I said NO to someone trying to sell me some 40 dollar box of tea...which might sound easy to you, but to me was WAY hard..I hate telling people no, I really should go to a class on assertiveness.

You should also watch this girl on Youtube I really like her!


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