Monday, November 29, 2010

Fire Alarm!

So right after I posted my blog last night, I heard an obnoxiously loud voice screaming ATTENTION, ATTENTION! The lights were flashing, and an alarm was blasting. Awesome, I said, (well lets keep this G-rated and pretend I said awesome) the fire alarm is going off! So I booked it to the fire alarm panel and went through the instructions on what to do when this happens. "Okay, okay press alarm ack, alarm ack again, press alarm silence, use mike to call all residents informing of alarm, hit alarm reset. done... PHEW".

Only the fun was just beginning. Residents start pouring out of the stairwells and into the lobby, each behind my back waiting to all ask me the same question "Is everything okay? Is this a real fire? what's going on, what's going on?"

I then turn green and yelled HULK SMASH!

I wish. I had to stay calm and remind everyone that once I found out, they would of course find out as well! The fire and police men came and gave me one of these numbers...

They were mad because I FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS and hit the system reset button. They said now I would have to go check every floor and make sure there was no fire. Which I did with a couple other residents. When I came back down to the lobby, they had already left. Come to find out by my operations manager that they should have checked the history on the alarm panel which would show them what they needed to do. ASSHATS. (excuse me I couldn't help myself on that one). So I pretty much risked my life doing the fire mens job. Oh well, I did what I was told to do and no one was hurt. Now I know what to do for next time and I can appropriately train the weekend workers in case it ever happens again.

Come to find out this whole fiasco happened because someone over cooked there dinner and opened their front door to let out the smoke. This led to the hallway smoke alarm to detect a fire and go off. Once the hallway alarms are triggered an emergency alarm goes off and the fire department arrives. The whole deal was just not what I had in mind when I went to work on a usually slow Sunday night!

Today was nice in comparison. Marc and I are getting ready for the electricity to be switched over to a breaker system on Wednesday so we cleaned up the basement some and went to the dump. Nana came downstairs complaining of being cold, come to find out she turned off the heater by flipping the switch. She also took my makeup removing sheets I have no idea where they are now. I need a vacation.

I made bok choy with bacon for dinner tonight YUM! I love bok choy you should try it if you haven't!

Last night I came home to the bed being really high off the ground IT'S AWESOME! Marc knows I HATE being on the ground especially during winter, it's colder and it's just gross to me, I don't know why. So he found all these milk crates hanging around the basement and decided to lift it up! It's nice for him too since he is so tall! Our life is weird. Don't judge!

Also in Frankie news...

He's still a real fine jerk. We have fixed up his diet and now he just wants to attack us all the time. Here he is plotting to kidnap me with duct tape. I see that look in your eyes dude, you dont fool me. We've been disciplining him with a spray bottle full of water and it seems to be helping. I'll keep you updated.

So until next time. PEACE.


Mollie said...

wow...sounds like a really hectic day. geeez. if you don't mind me asking what do you make hourly doing that?

Czeshia said...

it really was hectic! I get 10/hr plus benefits.

Mollie said...

that's not too bad. lol. I'm looking around for random

Czeshia said...

Securitas Security is nationwide! google it! It's easy peasy.