Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I forgot!

It totally slipped my mind that tomorrow was Thanksgiving, and that I had some food to make today! OOPS! So let's look at this list of things I was supposed to accomplish today.

Go to the bank
Go to the grocery store
Exchange purchase at Walmart
Do the laundry at the laundromat
Exchange pantry for cupboards (explained later)

I didn't do anything except go to the grocery store, and make some food for tomorrow.

I made a sweet potato pie for Marc to take to our families Thanksgiving during the day (while I am working)

Plus I made a broccoli casserole for the Thanksgiving with the guys at the Assisted Living Home. I'm really glad that Marc had the idea of me coming along while he had to work the night shift. Turns out that the workers will be making the Thanksgiving meal and Marc, me, Nick (client), nick's grandparents, And Jeff (client) will be eating together. Poor Jeff wont be having any family come so we are going to be there for him. I hope they like the casserole, it looked pretty good!

Under all this crunchy, buttery topping is some ooey gooey broccoli with cheese!

I'm actually really hungry right now, can't wait to go home and eat an apple or some carrots or something!!

Have a good night and a great Thanksgiving!

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