Thursday, November 11, 2010

Squad cars and naps.

I ended up getting way too interested in this book yesterday that I almost forgot to do my essay for English class! Uh oh!

My mom sent me a couple boxes of books yesterday! I was really shocked, and happy I love to read so I got a whole stack lined up!

My mom also sent Marc a piece of wood with a Polish Eagle stenciled for him to carve out! I tried to call her and thank her but she wasn't home :( I really miss her.

Today was a school day, hectic as usual.

I was reading that Arctic daughter book after class around 3pm and don't remember falling asleep but I did!! I woke up in the dark around 4:45pm and just started walking around and realized OH NO I HAVE TO GO TO WORK! I usually LEAVE around 4:40pm so I was pretty stressed about it. Only ended up about 3 minutes late though :)

The worst thing that happened today was when I was driving home from my second class I notice a couple arguing on the sidewalk. I saw that the young man was very agitated and threw her purse on the ground. She took off walking, ignoring him and all of a sudden I saw him start swinging at her and push her around. I called 911 and while I was on the phone with them I saw the police arrive. Thankfully he was arrested, but I found out when I stopped that she was pregnant. I'm very sad for her, and for my thinking this, but I am 95% sure that she will go back to him. She's probably bailing him out right now. I was a witness to the abuse and gave my information. It was really scary because it was such a bad neighborhood but I feel like I did the right thing.

On that somber note, I'm really glad that today is my Friday and I can get the heck out of here soon! Marc said he is going to think of something fun for us to do which is an exciting change of pace!

Have a good night, stay safe!

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