Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cool Title.

My brain is fried right now so I can't think of an interesting topic. Or a non-random topic! I have a bunch of little things I want to talk about. One thing that (I hope) is interesting about my blog is that it varies daily so you never know what you are going to get! A smidge of school, a touch of weight loss, a teaspoon of beauty, and a heaping tablespoon of love.

All night and day I've been thinking about my friend Caity who has been in labor for forever. I'm hoping Eva's debut will be soon because I'm sure they are both tired and stressed. In fact, my facebook is up on her page right now and I've been checking between homework questions. Go Caity, Go! Please readers send out a few positive thoughts her way!

Isn't she stunning?

Speaking of homework, it's 10pm my time and I've been doing homework for five hours. YUP. That's why my brain feels drugged.

I painted my nails today!

I think I was feeling 1960-ish, but when am I not?

School in the morning so I'm signing off to completely shut my brain off for the next ten hours or so before I have to get up. Coffee is my best friend these days, remember when I hated it? Turns out I just hate teacher breath!

Ok all, have a pleasant night! I'm off to watch mindless drivil in the form of MTV's True Life.


rachel.muchmore said...

Haha! "Coffee is my best friend these days, remember when I hated it? Turns out I just hate teacher breath!" I love this because it is true for me also. I actually hated coffee until I became a mama, and then it became a welcome friend.

Mollie said...

coffee is the elixer of life...I learned that a long time ago. The second I get out of labor, I already have put in a request for a red bull though. Yes, that's right.

Czesia said...

Red bull! Yum! Taste like Smarties to me!

SlimKatie said...

HAHAHA, I love the "teacher breath" reference. I remember that smell so very well from when I was in school. All my teachers had coffee breath. Now I'm sure I have it all the time too ;)

Caity said...

I FOUND MYSELF!:) <3 Thank you!