Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Highlights

I had soo much fun this much fun that I need to detox tomorrow! I'm going to attempt a water/juice cleanse tomorrow and let you all know what I thought about it. I've already caught flack for even attempting it...but it's just 24 hours and some of that time I'll be sleeping! I'm going to try it and form my OWN opinions! Boo yah!

First things first. Friday was starting to bore me so I decided why not take this time and trim my hair! Which turned into lets watch Youtube and figure out how to cut layers! I had a fun time learning and being a bit daring! I cut my bangs and did some face framing cuts on the sides first. Then I cut two inches off the whole base and then kept making smaller and smaller pony tails up the crown and would cut two subsequent inches per pony! I ended up sporting some interesting looks during the process. I was bored. Don't judge me!

And here is the finished product. In a bar bathroom, perfect lighting lol. :)

Marc and I ate at Palomino, which just so happens to be one of my favorite places. If I were to have a restaurant/bar i'd want it to be just like this!

The haystack burger with Horseradish sauce, onion tanglers, and swiss with sweet potato tots and hushpuppies on the side. Okay, this isn't especially "diet" friendly but it was sooo good and I'm going to try very hard to stay on track. sometimes you just need to have fun and relax!
Marc's HILARIOUS face. After I got this beauty I showed Marc and we both cracked up soo hard. I seriously almost peed. It was so awesome! We ordered the same food by the way!
Oh I just love him, look at that face!
Marc tried to retaliate by catching me eating but I'm just too cute :) Plus I cut my burger into like 6 pieces so I wouldn't get too messy! Sorry about the red eye! I'm on my laptop so I can't edit!

After dinner, we met up with Marc's Cousins (and their boyfriends) at The Horny Goat (so close to my house! They make there own beer!) and had a great time talking and enjoying some time together. I really can't begin to tell you how nice it was to be around people in our AGE GROUP! OMG!

Yesterday was spent swimming with the baybays and the momma in law! Today was spent doing People Crossword puzzles and napping! Tomorrow is the detox and some serious grocery shopping. Oh yes, plus transmission work. Joy.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! What did you do this weekend? Have you ever cut your own hair before?


rachel.muchmore said...

I spent the weekend cleaning and doing boatloads of laundry. My mother-in-law is coming from Nebraska to visit for a week. She was supposed to arrive at 5:30 this evening, but had to switch flights due to weather and now won't arrive until about midnight. I'm also a little freaked out because all the plans I had for us were outside activities and there's a hurricane coming up the coast! AAH! I have cut my hair, but never with any real style, just trimming really. BTW, you look flippin amazing.

SlimKatie said...

Your hair looks AMAZING! I've always trimmed my own bangs, but I recently cut my hair (and learned from watching youtube videos as well, haha). I wasn't THRILLED with it, but it looked okay enough to leave the house like that ;) I'm impressed with what a good job you did!

Czesia said...

Aww shucks guys, thanks!!! I wanted to be a cosmetologist but then thought about how longs I'd have to be on my FEET! <3 @Rachel I hope that hurricane passes you by without a drop I remember HATING hurricane season. @Katie I love your hair, especially the picture your recently put up showing you don't wear makeup up and are fine with it...I'm going to try and emulate you more often!