Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Winneconnie Weekend

This weekend, I'm headed to WinneConnie! It's a beautiful place north of OshKosh, Wisconsin. My Aunt (Ciocia in Polish!) has a lake house there and I'm spending the night! Marc will be home taking care of Nana and going to work but I'm excited to go and just enjoy some time with my inlaws!

Finding these pictures on Facebook, I was startled to see pictures of myself where I could barely recognize me!

I showed these to Marc yesterday and all he could say is wow, I really couldn't see the difference until seeing it in pictures.

To me the differences aren't all skin deep. I can look at these pictures and just feel the sadness and despair.

I also notice that I have only a handful of pictures of myself from this time in my life. All of the above pictures were from friends Facebook accounts.

It's important to see the difference's between where I am now as a person, and where I was then. I am strong now, emotionally, physically, and mentally. We are all growing and learning and what we take from our past shows us where we can be in our future. All we have to do is work hard! Show yourself that you are worth it, whatever it is that you are struggling with!

Have a wonderful weekend all, I will be back Sunday night!


rachel.muchmore said...

With everyone I know who has lost a significant amount of weight, they all say they don't see the changes until they see it in pictures. I think because you see yourself every day so it's gradual for you. I also know what you mean about the mental and emotional changes. I can see the difference in these pictures. In your older pictures, you can see that you don't really want to be having your picture taken and you are uncomfortable with yourself. In your new pictures you are confident and flat out gorgeous. I can't wait to have after pictures, I hope they are half as lovely as yours. You inspire me so much, truly. Congratulations on all that you've accomplished within yourself. Have a lovely weekend, friend.

Mollie said...

you have always been beautiful chetney, but you have to feel that way about yourself. I know what it's like to not be comfortable in my own just had the strength to do something about it for yourself. You go girl! lol